Graphene-like "adevtool"

Someone just ponted me to this “Android ROM device support and bringup tool, designed for maximum automation and speed” git:

This tool automates the following tasks for devices that mostly run AOSP out-of-the-box (e.g. Google Pixel):

  • Downloading factory images and full OTA packages
  • Generating a list of proprietary files
  • Resolving overridden build rules and building modules from source (when possible)
  • Extracting, converting, and mounting factory images (supported source formats)
  • Extracting proprietary files
  • Extracting bootloader and radio firmware
  • Finding and adding missing system properties
  • Overriding build fingerprint to help pass SafetyNet
  • Adding missing SELinux policies
  • Adding missing HALs to vendor interface manifests
  • Generating resource overlays for device configs
  • Fixing privileged app signing certificates referenced in SELinux policies

This typically results in better device support with fewer bugs and issues, and makes it possible to quickly add support for new devices.