GrapheneOS — privacy and security focused mobile OS

Looks like there won’t be a lack of privacy-first ROMs in the near future. I found out about GrapheneOS from the, where I more expected to see something about /e/, but couldn’t. It doesn’t look like a direct rival so far, but rather like a niche product such as CopperheadOS. However, GrapheneOS only at the beginning of its journey.

yeah, that’s the way I was hoping e would go when I perked in Kickstarter :frowning:

Do your due diligence on Copperhead and Graphene. They are related, with an ugly history. See Redit, etc. Note that privacytools also recommends Lineage, which is the base for /e/, and others.


Hi ithink314,
would you mind posting a link about Copperhead and Graphene?

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Reddit search, see the Goodbye and Stolen Donations headlines:

Wikipedia isn’t always the best, but they have a concise summary of problems/history:

Edit: This discussion (tl;dr) talks about all 3, including /e/, and may have led up to Graphene being listed on PrivacytoolsIO.

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Thanks for the links!
I read quite a bit and do get the idea that Copperhead is pretty dead and Graphenes future is quite uncertain.

But my main impression is that above all theres a spirit in the /e/-community to keep things sympathetically simple!