GravityBox on /e/

On my old Fairphone, I used Xposed and GravityBox to tweak Android a little bit. Does anyone have some experience with it on /e/?


I tried sometime ago and it was very battery hunger. Do not know if it was my device’s (Xianomi Mi A1) batery is old.

Ah, wonder how I missed this thread.
I use GravityBox on both of my /e/ setups and actually on most other ROMs that are light on features. Up to Oreo. No issues.

GravityBox has little to no impact on battery. It makes changes to the system but it doesn’t actively run (never seen it shown in any kind of stats since KitKat). There is the chance that a certain setting may conflict with a ROM’s similar setting which could/may be an issue.

I like my navbar a certain way which is one of the reasons GB gets installed. Other features are used sparingly. Only taking full advantage on near vanilla AOSP ROMs for which it was designed.

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Thanks, so I will look into it! Since I am on /e/ pie, GB is nit stable yet.

Oh, Pie. Yeah, I don’t know how things are running there with EdXposed.

Well my experience shows me Riru module (which is needed to run EdXposed/Gravitybox on pie) is a really a battery hunger module.

Just my experience