Great apps you have just discovered

We have threads where people post a list of their favourite apps, but what about posting a gem you have just found.

I have just found - Taskbar by Braden Farmer

I have far too many apps though many are in relevant folders. Sometimes when i search the app doesn’t appear.

This app gives you a task bar which you can easily see open and recently opened apps which you can open and a search box that works every time. You can also see all apps alphabetically. Its open source and free (though I will be donating).

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Not sure this is a gem but…
Sometimes what’s old is new again.

When K9 Mail changed things up with v5.7xx I didn’t care much for it. Monocles Mail brought back v5.600 while keeping it updated under the hood. Use it on a couple of ROMs.

When the F-Droid client changed to thumbnail-based layout I was quite unhappy and stuck with the old for as long as I could before having to finally move up. Then F-Droid Classic appeared. All business, no fluff. App screenshots are now an on-demand option. Pretty much the only client I use on my phones now.

Now we have Newpipe preunified. This client brings back the old layout where video info has returned into the drop-down and the three tabs at the bottom are no more.
Granted, a mimor thing but I like it. A few other small UI chamges also.
Available via IzzyOnDroid repo.


Newpipe preunified

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I don’t know if this answers the question but regarding a list of FOSS applications you can look here.

Very good job of listing the applications. There are updates quite regularly, the last one was three days ago (hence the “Great apps you have just discovered” character).


Thanks a lot for this link. I know and cherish AlternativeTo for a decade or so, but didn’t know that list.

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You’re welcome. Found it some time ago and it’s help me a lot to leave google and get only foss app. :heart:

Thanks, I have put that link in my appstore folder. Be another late night working through those!

Still be nice for a heads up here for a new (or newly discovered) gem.

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You’re welcome ^^

I think this list is not complete, I’m sure lot of /e/ user have discover/build some great app that they can share here, but this list is a very good basis to make a step into FOSS app world thanks to Justarandom (the creator of this list).

EDIT: @Anonyme already propose some FOSS app list in an older topic here : [HOWTO] Find free/open-source alternatives of your apps/services

my personal gem this week: a modern IP telephony app, doing WebRTC only + with a companion server package to selfhost the signaling, screw VoLTE !

“WebCall” WebCall | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

to curb your enthusiasm upfront: it won’t work in current /e/ 1.5 because of how webrtc is handled in the bromite webview. Next webview update will fix it. It’s fine in browsers (I used Firefox).

It’s still prototype-ish and needs an interface designer for popular appeal, but what it brings to the table is: E2EE and P2P calls, Opus audio codec, video, file transfer - and by nature of WebRTC: direct calls from Browser to Phone, complete selfhosting

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Came across something that might be useful.
Camera Date Folders, available on F-Droid and /e/ Apps.
It will take all the photos in your camera directories under /DCIM and organize them into date-based folders. Either within DCIM or an outside location.

This makes it much easier to deal with photos for later organization.
It gets the date from the filenames generated by the camera, no EXIF data used.
Not bad.

Was hoping it would be useful in the screenshots directory but only partially. It looks for files starting with IMG_ whereas half/most of the shots start with Screenshot_.

@tcecyk I recently checked out WebCall on an Oreo ROM. I didn’t get too far in testing after that device went to XMPP/Cheogram/

An interesting communication tool is Sideband. Tested messaging between a few devices which worked okay but I have more testing to do.

One tool I do consider a gem is OctoDroid, a must-have for me. Given all the times I have to go to GitHub for one reason or another (from within F-Droid to check on changelogs or issues, chat links, social media posts, etc.) this tool comes in handy. Light and fast. Being logged in already means I can quickly post messages if needed.

Just found this one: Safe Notes - Encrypted Notepad

Seems to be a good alternative to “Notes” in the sense that there is no mandatory synchronization and you can encrypt the notes.

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not just recently discovered but still the best I could find so far for someone who needs that support and therefore also “gems” in my eyes so I think it´s worth the recommendation:

for monitoring health parameters such as blood pressure etc.: medilog
(not a very fancy UI but still good and quick usability and data insertion, imo way better than all the goodlooking other apps we´ve tried for blood pressure specifically, no unwanted data transfer and no BT connection to devices or else, local backups and export possible…)

and for medication: Did I Take My Meds?
(also not a very fancy UI but simple and no distracting blingbling… , can deal with very complex medication charts if needed, no data transfer, local backups possible…)


I was never a friend of collecting lots of personal data on the phone. Not because of privacy but mainly because of long term stability. What if you drop the phone? Or it gets stolen? Or wiped by any OS update? There’s also another aspect: you have then the data in an app. Many apps can’t export them. Somewhen the day comes when the app is not supported anymore but you have the data, even if you can export them you probably can’t import them somewhere else.

Currently I use a closed Mastodon feed to log my data and a private Linux application to suck these data from the feed and put them into a MySQL database for creating reports later. A Mastodon frontend is always there, on the mobile, on PC, and a free form Trööt like 5.2 7n 1m is made in a few seconds without opening screens and switching from input field to input field.

I think is very useful

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@irrlicht valid points, yes, shit will happen :grinning:
One shall create the workflow that fits ones needs and expertise. (Also imo one could if possible avoid relying on any digital whatever alone). Main focus for selection for us was usabilitty (as we define it) and our routine includes backup of settings (fully sufficient in our usecase for didItakemymeds?) and frequent auto-backup and manual export (in case of medilog). Yes, it´s important but it´s rarely a true life or death situation. Works fine for us :+1:

Speaking of health apps, I like Daily Dozen by Dr. Michael Greger / nutritionfacts(dot)org - the app is available at F-Droid (or from the Gulag store), and also the iOS app store.

It makes it simple to tick off your recommended daily servings of specific classes of the most health-promoting vegetable, fruit, nut, seed, spice, herb, and whole grain foods.

Even if you don’t adhere to a 100% whole-food plant-based diet plan, it’s a good way to make sure you’re enhancing your daily nutrition needs.

Lots of good nutrition info on Dr. Greger’s non-profit/pro bono website, by the way.

An app that I recently discovered and that I really like is - a map/route planner (made in Czech Republic). As far as I understood, maps are sourced from OpenStreetMaps, whereas the app is not open source.
It is intuitive, not overloaded with features, fast and allows to use the maps online or offline. Routing is possible (car, bike, walking). I am especially curious to test the biking part. The app allows to find easily places of interest and shops.
Another feature that I really appreciate: If you share a location with others, it is a short link (example: and if the recipient does not have the app, the location is shown on the online version of the map (no need to rely on Gmaps in this situations).
Only downsides are 2 G-trackers and the fact that on my eOS phone the voice navigation is really a pain (the app relies on the built-in text-to-speech feature - with a terrible robotic voice).
App Lounge’s Privacy Rating is 7/10

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I booted into one of my secondary ROMs on a multiboot device. Haven’t been in that particular ROM (Bootleggers Oreo) in over a year it seems so was doing some updating there.
There’s an app on it that I completely forgot about called Advanced Tools (I have the Pro version). I forgot how useful this app can be. It’s one of those all-in-one tools that includes a lot of items that can be quite useful.

File managent, app management, running services, grabbing logs, dmesg, GPS and location testing, system info, storage and filesystem breakdown, a terminal, floating cpu info, and so much more.
Unlike other tools of this sort, like 3C Toolbox, the interface is really clean and uncluttered.

Some functionality would obviously require root but the use of adb in some cases is mentioned in the app (for instance the logcat tool).
The app is from SCDevs, trusted IMO, from his other tools like Logcat Extreme and that Floating File Manager (he seems to be a fan of floating windows as all three apps make use of that in some way or another).

Apparently Advanced Tools has ads. In my brief test on an /e/ devices I didn’t see them but then again I blocked them beforehand with App Manager.
The Pro version has no trackers.

Available from Play Store, thus Aurora Store and App Lounge.

I believe OsmAnd+ from F-Droid will do all of that, plus it is open source.

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I’m having some doubts about

:wink: … especially when trying to apply experience with other maps and navigation Apps to OsmAnd.

But I really like OsmAnd and use it myself. It is kind of a beast of its own, but I don’t have a problem with the UI and I can use an overload of features sometimes.


Well here’s an oldie I haven’t seen a long time.

Fairphone Checkup (Test various components of your device)

After almost five years a new update showed up. Might be useful. Despite the name it is universal.