Green electricity building /e/ systems

Dear all, a quick update to tell you that starting from tomorrow, and thanks to a change of energy provider, daily builds of the /e/ systems will be done with 95% of “green electricity”.


also related to this: Fight climate change and injustice - Integrate Sustainibility into /e/

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@Manoj: I remember there being a post about the servers being updated (which did not go really well) recently. Cannot find the post anymore, but wanted to ask: are the new servers 100% green? If they are, I think it would be a really good idea to emphasize that on the website.

Will have to check this and get back. Will be a good idea to add such info on the web site.


I’m asking me, why the picture is showing ‘eelo’ ?!?!?!

:slight_smile: look at the post date. It is from Sep 2018 …we were called eelo then.

We can possibly announce that the servers run on green electricity, but probably not that the servers are green, because does not open that their manufacture is most certainly very polluting and requires the use of very toxic products and produces very toxic waste.

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Ohhhh, lol, not seen

this is the most important bit though, so if that’s the case, we should certainly give it a prominent place on the website!