GS 290 USB-C ethernet available

Hey Community,

I have a quick question, maybe someone can answer it:
I want to disable my WLAN at home, so I bought a USB-C to ethernet adapter. That one works great at a Samsung Galaxy A50 with standard Samsung OS.

On the Gigaset GS290 with e/OS it doesn’t work. Samsung supports this ethernet over USB-C for some years now, but I’m not sure if this is available at the Gigaset? Do I need to install something on the e/OS, or is the hardware itself making problems?



Hey Mel,

I don´t know if you must do this, but maybe it can help you further…

On the settings on your phone, go to about phone and tap several times on build number. Then you got into developer mode.

Next step:

Under settings go to systems and then advanced, developer options.
Scroll down to usb settings and then you can change it to file transfer, tethering, MIDI and PTP.
Maybe this will help you to get ethernet over USB-C.


Michiel Peters

It primarily depends on the USB-C-to-LAN RJ45 adapter and the Chip installed in it. My experience is that not every adapter is compatible with every smartphone and every firmware / custom ROM.

My Gigaset GS290 works with Gigaset stock Android 10 and /e/OS ‘R’ V.11 with a No-Name / No-branding China-Adapter and with the Samsung DeX Station

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