GS290 can't save mail attachments

I am very happy with the new gigaset GS290 from /e/ store!
A nice smartphone at an affordable price.

So far everything works except saving attachments from e.mail.
Message “Anhang konnte nicht auf die SD-Karte gespeichert werden.”
I tried to put a SD card in the device, but that doesn’t work.
Any idea to solve is welcome.

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This is a known bug, reported here.

You could add a comment to that bug, saying it is a problem for your phone too. (It was originally reported as affecting a Fairphone, but it has been reported against at least one other type of phone as well)

[Edit] There may be a [problem or problems in the K-9 Mail app on which the /e/ Mail app is based. Some of these are fixed in more recent K-9 versions, but those fixes have not been pulled into the /e/ version.

This is one of the reasons why I use the upstream K-9 app instead of /e/'s fork. (It’s also loads better IMHO for working with multiple email accounts, each gets their own colour.) It’s available in F-Droid , Apps or Aurora Store. You can export your account settings from Mail (‘three dots’ menu | Export Settings and accounts) and import them to K-9 when you first run it after installing (or later from the settings menu).

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many thanks!
(on my FP3 it works so i thought it could be a new or other bug)

Interesting, which version of /e/ are you running?

i bought FP3 from /e/ shop. So android 9, latest stable version from december 14. (013-20201214…)

Juste bought GS290 with /e/ pre installed. Same bug. I’ve replaced the native app with k9. Works well.

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