GS290: did anyone succeed in doing a manual update from v0.13 to v0.18?

Hi there,

Current situation is:
Back in December 2020, I updated my GS290 to Android 10 (OTA update) and then manually flashed /e/OS 0.13-2020121590520 without any issues.

Current problem:
As already mentioned by other users in several postings, the OTA updates to v0.15, v0.16, v0.17 and v0.18 all fail with a “signature verification failed” error message. And I could not find the “Updater for GS290” in the App store, which is supposed to solve the issue.

Next step:
As the OTA update does not work, I plan to manually flash to the latest version v0.18 using a Linux Ubuntu machine.

Did anyone succeed in manually flashing version v0.18 over version v0.13 on a GS290?
Or is it necessary to flash back to Android 10 stock ROM first, before flashing version /e/OS v0.18?

Thanks for sharing your experience.


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Generally speaking, if you don’t change the Android level (in example 0.13 Pie to 0.18 Pie, not 0.18 Q), you can safely dirty-flash your device. That’s what the update automated process do :wink:

Dont forget to take a full TWRP backup before, and clear Dalvik & cache after !