GS290 eOS 0.13.1 update

I have followed the instructions for the GS290 eOS 0.13.1 update, but am unsure if the update has been properly successful.

After the phone has rebooted (twice), and started up again, if I go to Settings » System Updates, the screen still claims that I have 0.13-2020121590522 installed, and that 0.13.1-20200127 (did somebody forget we were in a new year there? :wink:) is still shown as available to “Install”.

In the earlier stage of the update process, is it definitely the case that you choose “Update” for the “Updater for GS290” app, but do not actually “Open” it after installing it (which does seem a little odd)?

I realise that there are special circumstances around this particular update, but it is a bit confusing as to whether it has properly worked or not.

Sorry, my post will not help, but i have a question. When have you installed the update for the Updater? I try to install the update for the Updater since yesterday, but it gets stuck while Installing and does not finish the installation.

I installed the update for the Updater (and followed the rest of the instructions) shortly before writing the first post last night. Sorry to hear it got stuck for you.

Just to confirm: I bought my GS290 from the esolutions shop, and received the emails from them asking me to apply the update. I don’t know whether these update instructions are applicable if someone has installed eOS on their phone by themself (I think I may have seen somewhere on the forum that the versions installed by the stop may be slightly different releases to those available for self-install?).

Hi @dave559,

I had the same concerns after updating to 0.13.1.

If you restart your phone into recovery, have a check to see which version is running. You’ll see the version just below the ‘e Recovery’ logo.

If it says version 0.14, it means that you did everything correctly and you needn’t worry about the remaining 0.13.1 update notice in system updates.

I talked to the e support team and they told me when the next OTA update 0.14 gets released the 0.13.1 file notification will be removed.

The OTA update was supposed to be released last week but I haven’t received it yet so I assume they are still working on it.



Thank you for the information. I don’t know if the version differ from the preinstalled version on the GS290 from the shop, hopefully the selfinstalled version will also recieve OTA updates.