GS290 not supported in easy-installer?


I have bought a GS290 specifically to install /e/, but using the easy-installer (version 11.2 because v12.0 has some trouble running on linux), I get the message that the GS290 is not supported :frowning:
From the terminal:

   DEBUG e.e.i.tasks.DeviceDetectionTask - checkAdbDevicesResult(GS290CTM100088         device usb:2-1.2 product:GS290_EEA model:GS290 device:GS290 transport_id:1)

Note that the easy-installer requested to activate MTP, but this option was not available, and the phone was detecter when I activated usb file transfer and usb debugging.

Did anyone flash the GS290 successfully?

v0.11.2 of the installer in fact does not yet support the GS290.

You would need v0.12.0 for that and as you said, that’s broken on Linux ATM.

Yeah, but my recommendation is to flash /e/ OS version IMG-e-0.13-q-2020121590520-dev-GS290 using fastboot method described in the /e/ documention.

As a Linux user, you should be familiar with the operation of PC terminal and thus quickly achieve success with /e/ OS ‘Q’ on your GS290.

See also:


I have the GS290 as well and wanted to use /e/, but after using the easy installer I ended up with a boot loop “Orange State…”
I updated the phone to Android10, set developer mode, activated MTP and unlocked the boot loader just as the installer told me to, but a short time after the start of flashing an error occured and now the phone is permanently rebooting…
How can I get out of the bootloop (and /e/ running)?

Can you give us more details about that error?
Ideally you could provide the log as described in Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

To get your phone up and running you can then follow the advice of SuzieQ above.

Several us/e/rs have already fallen into this trap. So have I, but only because I wanted to know why it happens the way it does.

My summary is quite simple. The /e/asy installer loads a buggy eOS ROM. But this is all sufficiently communicated - only nothing is changed on the part of /e/. That’s simply […]

easy installer showed an error, actually I didn’t take a pic :frowning:
the log file can’t be saved with
because it exceeds the maximum length…

How did you get out of the bootloop?

/e/ documentation Install /e/ on a Gigaset GS290 - “GS290”

Downloads for the GS290
Download Android 10 firmware

Unzip file

fastboot flash boot boot.img

Maybe it helps the next person to run into the same problem: I’ve extended the log uploading info by

If the log is too large even for haste and you already have an /e/ account, you can ZIP the log and upload it to your /e/ account cloud storage.

Hmm, I did fastboot flash boot boot.img, then everything else, but that didn’t work, so I went back to what is written in the doc
and now it works
:slight_smile: Thx

BTW, there’s a new version v0.12.1 out that has the GS290 support again.
But as SuzieQ pointed out that’s likely of not much help if the version it installs wouldn’t work properly.

Maybe the problem is that nobody created an issue in Gitlab? At least I don’t see any

Yeah, I understand your request. ‘Many roads lead to Rome’ and my way goes past Gitlab.

I have followed the instructions at , but I get an error at

$ ./fastboot flashing unlock
(bootloader) Start unlock flow

FAILED (remote: '
Unlock operation is not allowed
fastboot: error: Command failed

and this prevents further steps to be successful:

$ ./fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification boot ~/Downloads/boot.img
Rewriting vbmeta struct at offset: 9797632
Sending 'boot' (32768 KB)                          OKAY [  1.547s]
Writing 'boot'                                     FAILED (remote: 'not allowed in locked state')
fastboot: error: Command failed

I have the latest version of platform-tools:

$ ./fastboot --version
fastboot version 31.0.0-7110759

How can I unlock the device?

Have you allowed the unlocking in the >settings >développeurs options ?

That should be added to the instructions, right?

Definitely :slight_smile:
The experience would have been flawless if this detail had been provided!

1 . Enable OEM unlock in the Developer options under device Settings, if present.

This note has been missing from the /e/ documentation of the Gigaset GS290 since the initial release. It’s present in various other /e/ installation instructions.

So let’s hope this Gitlab merge request is accepted soon and the documentation gets updated

Hi @Ingo_FP_Angel pl let me know the commands for unlocking the GS290 if different from the standard and I shall have them included in the documentation
One place where an extra step can be added in here