GS290 open source code announced - TWRP and a "Factory ROM" perhaps possible

Continuing the discussion from Gigaset GS290 update from v0.16 to v0.17 without issues - /e/ (stable):

/e/user @gunmask in Is there a way to get back to factory Android

reported his discovery of Gigaset Open Source

Among other difficulties faced by GS290 owners, at least partly due to previous lack of “Factory ROM”, TWRP today is still unfound in twrp/Devices

We find an “experimental” version here.

TWRP insists their builds are based on published code, perhaps this opens the door to anyone who would care to start to build an official version.


/e/ recovery is of course available!


Is there somewhere a detailed description of the process?
Or does it require a certain level of understanding of the Android/etc. world?
What is the estimated effort to do it?

If the build was successful, what could be the steps to solve the original problem to
get from v0.16 to v0.17 then?

Possibly zero - I have sent you a PM! :slight_smile:

Note that on the Easy Installer Route 0.16->0.17 seemed to be just fine.
So it is not an inherent problem of 0.17 as such.

Im my efforts to do a manual install I installed TWRP no problem on GS290?

Hi @AndyP you might check out this link. Gigaset GS290, how to root and install ZIP files? - #32 by aibd

Thanks. I’m all good now.