GS290: Pedometer/step counter not working when screen is off


on my Gigaset GS290 with /e/OS 0.19, the pedometer / step counter only works when the screen is on. It doesn’t matter if the screen is locked or unlocked. Only when the screen is off, my steps aren’t counted.

I have tried different pedometer apps: ActivityTracker, Pacer and Pedometer. All of them have the same problem.

For each app I have allowed physical activity access and disabled battery optimization.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Did you try

Settings > Apps and notifications,

find your app > permissions.

Does it have all the permissions it needs to do this?

If this seems all correct, you could try searching Settings for wake.

Yes, I have activated the permissions under Apps and notifications.
Under “wake” I can only find settings for waking up the device using buttons.
Do you also have a GS290? If so, does the pedometer work for you?

Hi @goat, no, sorry that is a negative on both counts, just throwing in a couple of simple checks first! :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a GS290 with /e/OS where steps are counted even when the screen is off?

As I said, when the display is on, all steps are counted. When it is off, not a single step is counted, even if I go for a walk for hours.

Don’t own a GS290, but isn’t there a need for the “step counting app” you use … to not been “optimised” (that is to be authorised to not been to sleep by the system automatically ?)
Hope this helps.