GSI for not yet supported treble phones [2020/06/14]


git clone .repo/local_manifests

instead of

git clone .repo/local-manifests

(the underscore)


repo sync -j2 -f

repo sync error: Fetching projects: 0% (2/698) device_phh_treblefatal: Couldn’t find remote ref refs/heads/lineage-16.0

Fetching projects: 1% (13/698) platform/frameworks/opt/photoviewerfatal: Couldn’t find remote ref refs/heads/lineage-16.0

Fetching projects: 13% (91/698) platform/external/ipsec-toolserror: Cannot fetch treble_experimentations from

error: frameworks/base/: prior sync failed; rebase still in progress
error: Cannot checkout e/os/android_frameworks_base
Checking out projects: 96% (676/698) platform/tools/tradefederationerror: info is different in /srv/e/src/PIE/treble_build_los/.git vs /srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/projects/treble_build_los.git
error: Cannot checkout treble_build_los: GitError: --force-sync not enabled; cannot overwrite a local work tree. If you’re comfortable with the possibility of losing the work tree’s git metadata, use repo sync --force-sync treble_build_los to proceed.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/”, line 628, in
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/”, line 602, in _Main
result = run()
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/”, line 595, in
run = lambda: repo._Run(name, gopts, argv) or 0
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/”, line 264, in _Run
result = cmd.Execute(copts, cargs)
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/subcmds/”, line 973, in Execute
self._Checkout(all_projects, opt, err_event, err_results)
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/subcmds/”, line 562, in _Checkout
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/subcmds/”, line 442, in _CheckoutWorker
return self._CheckoutOne(opt, project, *args, **kwargs)
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/subcmds/”, line 476, in _CheckoutOne
project.Sync_LocalHalf(syncbuf, force_sync=opt.force_sync)
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/”, line 1612, in Sync_LocalHalf
self._InitWorkTree(force_sync=force_sync, submodules=submodules)
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/”, line 3088, in _InitWorkTree
raise e
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/”, line 3080, in _InitWorkTree
self._CheckDirReference(self.gitdir, dotgit, share_refs=True)
File “/srv/e/src/PIE/.repo/repo/”, line 2974, in _CheckDirReference
error.GitError: --force-sync not enabled; cannot overwrite a local work tree. If you’re comfortable with the possibility of losing the work tree’s git metadata, use repo sync --force-sync treble_build_los to proceed.

that’s weird, it should get e-pie. Can you check this file



pls see here

What troubles me is that device_phh_treble should checkout e-pie not lineage-16.0

By the way can you check if your repo command is up to date ?

I have updated epro command yesterday befor starting the sync

because now the --force-sync is deprecated so it shouldn’t ask you to use this option, do you use ubuntu ? Which version ? How did you update the repo command ?

I’m building on MINT19. Yesterday I have gotten a message that my repro command should be updated soon and I used the copy command which was prefered.

what it the result of
cd device/phh/treble
git branch -a
git status


root@mint:/srv/e/src/PIE/device/phh/treble# git branch -a

  • (no Branch)
    remotes/m/v1-pie -> phief/e-pie
    root@mint:/srv/e/src/PIE/device/phh/treble# git status
    Im Moment auf keinem Branch.
    nichts zu committen, Arbeitsverzeichnis unverändert


I can’t explain what your issue is right now,

can you try a git log on this same folder and give me the first line ?

Should be something like

commit 6740df193e71016617797736f882e52838f784b5 (HEAD, phief/e-pie, m/v1-pie)

sorry, I’m not so the git guy. I’m happy to know how to clone :wink:
So how I’m getting a git log ?

just type: git log :wink:


commit 6740df193e71016617797736f882e52838f784b5 (HEAD, phief/e-pie, m/v1-pie)

I will retry starting from scratch, I really don’t understand why you have these issues


OK, when using the git clone and repo sync command in an empty folder it is downloading sources as hell. But when I start in my PIE folder with ALL eOS sources, the sync fails.
I have removed the ‘original’ .repo folder and start over, but still sync doesn’t work

what about restarting from scratch then ?

How can I ensure that I will get the real eOS sources ??As far as I know, only cloning the souces includes not all patches from I have tried that log time ago with repro sync and lunch and a e developer has told me, that than not all changes are used.
That’s why I want use my ‘proofed’ sources

I guess it was because of the microG patches we used to add, I think now you don’t need them anymore if you make sure to init with

repo init -u -b v1-pie

ok, will try tommorrow