GSI Installation on Redmi Note 9pro with Super Partition and root

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I THINK, because it says AB, it would be for your cell phone, but I don’t know 100%. To other ROMs I can’t make a statement, only to “my” ROMs I linked here, BECAUSE we are here in the /e/ Android Forum.

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Does the rom receive updates? and Is it stable? Any bugs?

In the 2nd post is the link to the files. I will upload new files about every 10 days.
Stable? I would say you can use it every day.

Thank you for your work!
Can i install this rom in redmi note 9s?
I want to try E Rom but there is no rom and this is the only thing I have found. I would like to learn how to port roms to be able to port this rom to the redmi note 9s.


I think you can use the image for your phone, it is a Generic System Image, i.e. it is not for a specific phone, but for all phones that can handle GSI/Treble. See also the table. Device support (Project Treble)
You will have a super partition just like my Note 9pro, or did your phone come out of the factory with Android 9?
So you could also follow the instructions I posted. The important thing is that if you want to root it, get a recovery.img, which you can copy out of the original image file from Xiaomi (after unzipping it, you will find a folder with “Recovery”, there is the image file inside). Save this in any case, because with TWRP there were still problems regarding super partition. Therefore I had to switch again and again to the original Recovery.

Addendum: You need, if you want to use this GSI file, the …arm64_bvS.img.xz file.
Unzip it first and follow the instructions.

Works great, but brightness is bugged, and no gestures for navigation, any work around for this?

Sorry for the late reply, it may be that the errors are not present on other phones, I have no brightness errors on the Note 9pro. I do not do navigation on the phone.

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Addendum to install on the Redmi Note 9pro

Installation of PitchBlackRecovery

Meanwhile, you can leave the PitchBlackRecovery installed, you can then still install or update the system.
The official recovery for the Note 9pro can be downloaded here:
After downloading the packed file, go to the folder “TWRP”, there is a “recovery.img”. This image file I copy into the folder “platform-tools”, there I do not have to enter so much in the console, that’s all.

It is installed like this:

Boot the phone in bootloader mode, a picture appears and below it says “FASTBOOT”.

On the PC enter via the console

fastboot devices

Now the serial number should be displayed and a bit further to the right it says “fastboot”.

This is just to check if the phone was also recognized!!!

Now you can enter:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

After that you can enter

fastboot reboot recovery

Now PitchBlackRecovery starts, if the phone is encrypted, you must enter the PIN, then you come to the main menu.

Install or update the system

If you want to reinstall the system or install a system update, you have to enter the bootloader (fastboot) mode again. If one is there, one enters:

fastboot reboot fastboot

So, now for the difference as in the original instructions at the top, no fastbootD mode appears, but the phone starts into the fastboot mode of the PitchBlackRecovery, this takes a few seconds longer as with the original recovery.
I also copied the system image to the “platform-tools” folder, saves unnecessary entries in the console.

The image is installed with:

fastboot flash system GSI.img

When all this is installed, you can simply go to “reboot” at the bottom right of the phone.

Procedure after installation of an update - In the next screen you can select “System”, after that a new screen opens, there you can move the “slider” from left to right. The phone now reboots into the system, the update is installed.
System has been reinstalled - In the next screen you select “Recovery”, in the next screen you simply move the “slider” from left to right. Now the phone reboots into PitchBlackRecovery. After entering a possible PIN to unlock, you are in the main menu. There you select “Erase”, in the next screen you go to “Format data”, enter “yes” and follow the instructions on the screen to format the phone, more precisely the data. This should do the same as if you go to “Erase data” in the original recovery. I have not tested this yet.

Of course you can also install the system update without the PitchBlackRecovery, just like in the first tutorial above. Only with the difference that you do NOT delete the data at point 7, but simply reboot the system.

The images can still be found at this address:

Okay, thank you… But will you consider building this as a proper custom rom for miatoll devices?

No, because I really have no idea about it :-).
I have only the text file that I start to create the image. If there are errors, I always have to look for how I can fix that.

I have redmi note 9 pro (joyeuse). I have install full-bvS- 20210408 and WiFI don’t work, SIM-Carte too.
Why? What did i wrong?

And before to install rom, i flashed stock boot.img

Hello, since you have not provided any details, I do not know how the phone was from you before. Was it in original condition? Had you already flashed another ROM before? Flash the original Xiaomi Redmi Note 9pro ROM, then follow the instructions on this page.

I have now flashed 2 Note 9pro (joyeuse) according to the instructions, everywhere works WLAN and mobile Internet.

War nicht stock Rom, aber ich habe flashed boot.img von stock rom. Danach Ihren System.img. Ich werde nochmal versuchen, dann werde Ihnen den Bescheid sagen.

Vermische bitte nicht dieses mit was anderem. Flashe bitte die Original ROM und gehe dann nach Anleitung vor, dann wird es auch funktionieren.

Habe geschaft, aber habe Probleme mit dem Sound.

kannst du mir boot.img shicken?

Gehe in Einstellungen - PHH Treble Settings - Qualcomm features - und dann Use alternate audio policy anwählen
Dann müßte der Sound stimmen.

An boot.img komme ich jetzt nicht ran, da sitzt meine Tochter am PC und ist am spielen :slight_smile:

Das Problem bleibt gleich. Music spielt gut, aber bei den Anrufen ist eine ganze Katastrophe :slight_smile:

Vielleicht noch unter den PHH Settings auf Misc Features und dort Disable Audio effects, das ist bei mir zumindest angewählt.

Bei mir ist auch angewählt. Leider löst nicht. Von boot.img wifi und sym funktionieren nicht. Ich nutze agni kernel.