[GSI] Q-GSI - Custom Build from 28.11.2020

With loads of help from @harvey186 I publish here the first 2 custom builds of /e/ Android.
They are GSI versions for
arm64 a
arm64 a/b

It is all standard, nothing changed, so apps, launcher etc.


This ROM fixed a great many issues from my previous /e/ ROM so thank you for the build.
I’m not able to set my fingerprint though on a Xiaomi Redmi 8 but it did work on a previous /e/ ROM I was running. There seem to be some issues with setting the lock screen in general. Is there some way I can provide info for the bug?

Error message: screen lock was already changed. try again with the new screen lock

EDIT: I found the issue but leaving it here for others. The issue was with installing “Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt” as recommended by a few guides for Xiaomi phones. Reinstalling but leaving that out fixed the issue.

The GSI works great now :slight_smile: thanks for the work you did.

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fastboot reboot fastboot
fastboot flash system eOS-Q…img

What is the difference between these files?
Isn’t it enough for us to install one?


Have a look at this page, Device support (Project Treble)

Depending on which cell phone you have you need the A or A/B version.
With a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9pro it would be the A/B version, as a file it would be

You need only ONE file.

Have I got it right?
For A devices the ending “avS.img.xz”, for A/B devices the ending “bvS.img.xz” will be installing.

Correct, a is a, a/b is b

Thanks for the build. I’ve been looking for an untouched /e/ GSI!

I have a pixel 3, which I managed to flash with the b rom however the phone doesn’t boot past the google screen. I’ve tried the a rom too and this is the same. Has anyone managed to get it running on a pixel 3?


In the build from today, the security update from 5.12.2020 is present. Build has just been completed, packaged and is uploading now.



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As I’ve already shared here, your GSI eOS ROM works first class. Thank you Sir!

Your eOS Q-GSI build works equally well on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro ‘twolip’ - installed via fastboot.

On first start-up, the SIM card is immediately recognised and the PIN is requested. Incoming and outgoing calls and text messages work as well as surfing via Wi-Fi.

It is worth noting that the installation does not work with ROM ARM64 A - :red_circle: as stated in the Device support list (Project Treble) but works with ARM64 A/B - :green_circle: eOS-Q-20201215-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_bvS.img.

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Did you do a full format before installing Q-GSI? I have issues with lock screen too with my galaxy S9+

New version is online, I will try to post a new version every 10 days now.


I can confirm the Xmas Day GSI (eOS-Q-20201225-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_bvS.img) works on Sony Xperia XA2 (pioneer). Just installed it on a spare device to have a look and I’ll try it out for a day or two. Thanks!

EDIT 14 Jan: I’ve removed the rest of this earlier reply as it contained dubious information! I’m learning as I go and things are becoming a little clearer with GSI’s and device compatibility.

Regarding the eOS unofficial GSI above: phone app kept stopping during calls and the dialogue box to close the app not responding. Toggled aeroplane mode to end calls. Simple Dialler from F-droid worked ok’ish, no crashing, but if the app not closed after a call the proximity sensor still working and blacking out display.

A new build with Securiy Patch Level 5 January 2021 would be fanstastic. The only problem I have with the December 2020 edition is the dark font colours, which make the text in various menus extremely difficult or impossible to read.

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I had written that I will post a new version every 10 days.
The last time I could not post a “a” version, because it does not work all the time. Tomorrow, or saturday I will post a new version, whether there is the security update already integrated, I do not know, that depends on /e/ Android, because I only access the sources and change nothing myself, or maintain.

Better wait a few days with the building. Lineage ROMs from 14.01.2021 do not have the ‘Bump Security String to 2021-01-05’ integrated yet. It is only announced for the next build (7 days later).

I would like to report that Bluetooth Audio is not working. SD card issue is solved.

New files from 16.01. are uploaded, incl. security updates from 05.01.2021.

This statement cannot have general validity because the microSD card is not supported in the same way with this GSI ROM on every device.

When I format a microSD card as ‘Portable Storage’ with my GSI A3 2017, it is also accepted by the system and works.

However, when the microSDXC card is to be formatted as ‘Internal Storage’ with the GSI A3 2017, the formatting process aborts with the display 20% and the system then shuts down and reboots in bootloop. Only when the card is removed does the A3 2017 boot normally into the /e/ OS.

After the procedure, the SDXC card is no longer recognised by every smartphone and computer system, sometimes called a bad card.

In a Samsung S9 with non-GSI-LOS 17.1, this bad SDXC card is immediately recognised and formatted as ‘Portable Storage’. The option to format the SDXC card as ‘Internal Storage’ is not offered at all.

Note: This is not a criticism of the ROM Builder @anon26953564, because the problem also existed in the early days with @harvery186’s GSI ROM creation.

Thank you for building, @anon26953564. It’s great that you do this every month.

That’s not a problem, I don’t change anything, I just have the image assembled from the sources of Lineage or /e/ Android.
I myself have no idea about it :slight_smile: