[GSI] Q-GSI - Custom Build from 28.11.2020

With loads of help from @harvey186 I publish here the first 2 custom builds of /e/ Android.
They are GSI versions for
arm64 a
arm64 a/b

It is all standard, nothing changed, so apps, launcher etc.


This ROM fixed a great many issues from my previous /e/ ROM so thank you for the build.
I’m not able to set my fingerprint though on a Xiaomi Redmi 8 but it did work on a previous /e/ ROM I was running. There seem to be some issues with setting the lock screen in general. Is there some way I can provide info for the bug?

Error message: screen lock was already changed. try again with the new screen lock

EDIT: I found the issue but leaving it here for others. The issue was with installing “Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt” as recommended by a few guides for Xiaomi phones. Reinstalling but leaving that out fixed the issue.

The GSI works great now :slight_smile: thanks for the work you did.

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Can’t seem to flash it on my Redmi Note 9 (MTK)

fastboot reboot fastboot
fastboot flash system eOS-Q…img

I was in fastbootd, I only showed you the system flashing part.

Edit: Give me a few minutes, going to re-download, could’ve been a download error.

Edit #2: Yeah, seems like I had an issue with the first download, sorry for the trouble.

What is the difference between these files?
Isn’t it enough for us to install one?


Have a look at this page, Device support (Project Treble)

Depending on which cell phone you have you need the A or A/B version.
With a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9pro it would be the A/B version, as a file it would be

You need only ONE file.

Have I got it right?
For A devices the ending “avS.img.xz”, for A/B devices the ending “bvS.img.xz” will be installing.

Correct, a is a, a/b is b

Thanks for the build. I’ve been looking for an untouched /e/ GSI!

I have a pixel 3, which I managed to flash with the b rom however the phone doesn’t boot past the google screen. I’ve tried the a rom too and this is the same. Has anyone managed to get it running on a pixel 3?


In the build from today, the security update from 5.12.2020 is present. Build has just been completed, packaged and is uploading now.



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As I’ve already shared here, your GSI eOS ROM works first class. Thank you Sir!

Your eOS Q-GSI build works equally well on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro ‘twolip’ - installed via fastboot.

On first start-up, the SIM card is immediately recognised and the PIN is requested. Incoming and outgoing calls and text messages work as well as surfing via Wi-Fi.

It is worth noting that the installation does not work with ROM ARM64 A - :red_circle: as stated in the Device support list (Project Treble) but works with ARM64 A/B - :green_circle: eOS-Q-20201215-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_bvS.img.

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Did you do a full format before installing Q-GSI? I have issues with lock screen too with my galaxy S9+

New version is online, I will try to post a new version every 10 days now.


I can confirm the Xmas Day GSI (eOS-Q-20201225-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_bvS.img) works on Sony Xperia XA2 (pioneer). Just installed it on a spare device to have a look and I’ll try it out for a day or two. Thanks!

EDIT 14 Jan: I’ve removed the rest of this earlier reply as it contained dubious information! I’m learning as I go and things are becoming a little clearer with GSI’s and device compatibility.

Regarding the eOS unofficial GSI above: phone app kept stopping during calls and the dialogue box to close the app not responding. Toggled aeroplane mode to end calls. Simple Dialler from F-droid worked ok’ish, no crashing, but if the app not closed after a call the proximity sensor still working and blacking out display.

A new build with Securiy Patch Level 5 January 2021 would be fanstastic. The only problem I have with the December 2020 edition is the dark font colours, which make the text in various menus extremely difficult or impossible to read.

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I had written that I will post a new version every 10 days.
The last time I could not post a “a” version, because it does not work all the time. Tomorrow, or saturday I will post a new version, whether there is the security update already integrated, I do not know, that depends on /e/ Android, because I only access the sources and change nothing myself, or maintain.

Better wait a few days with the building. Lineage ROMs from 14.01.2021 do not have the ‘Bump Security String to 2021-01-05’ integrated yet. It is only announced for the next build (7 days later).

I would like to report that Bluetooth Audio is not working. SD card issue is solved.

New files from 16.01. are uploaded, incl. security updates from 05.01.2021.