GT-I9192: crossed-out SIM card instead of SIM card icons

I have a problem with /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (GT-I9192, serranodsdd)
On boot, I see an icon of crossed-out SIM card instead of any SIM card icons.
On leaving Airplane mode, it shows “Select SIM card” and an empty list.
I was seeing this behavior intermittently on my previous November build, but now with 0.7-2020031345025 it’s every time.
How can I go back to the configuration with working SIM card(s)? Can I downgrade /e/ and if so, how?

First thing first, I’d like return to the configuration with the working SIM slot(s) both to be able to use my phone and to figure out if this is actually a reproducible, software-related bug.

Hi @nickolai Did you make this build yourself ? Which version of the OS is it? If it is an official OTA build you can raise a bug and share the details for it here.
You can revert to stock ROM for your build and check if the SIM cards are being correctly identified.

Hi @Manoj Those are official /e/ builds. The old one I installed with Heimdall in November (I believe it’s e-0.7-n-2019112732147) and the new one is 0.7-2020031345025 which I updated OTA.

Is there a way to revert to stock ROM for my build? I didn’t specifically save it, because I didn’t think I would need it. Or do you mean stock /e/ ROM?

I meant the Stock Samsung ROM for your device.

Samsung’s StockROM for this Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (International Dual SIM) - “serranodsdd” GT-I9192 you can find → here or → here. Choose a region and be patient while downloading …

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