Guide on how to Start an Issue in Gitlab

I have come across an issue I would like to report on Gitlab, I have just been provided with a login by /e/ support, however looking around the site I am a bit lost, I am looking for the menu down the left with the project listed, and ‘Issues’ should be listed under this as an option, but I cannot get:
To display anything.

Is there a guide to help one navigate Gitlab for new user ?


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Pl check this guide

Thanks for the link, I’ve worked out Gitlab, and are ready to post up the issue.

The ‘Bugs’ template is asking:

Device rooted: yes/no

Where can I find this information, is it in the ‘Developer’ settings ?, I have looked but can’t see it, unless I missed it.

If you don’t know is your device is rooted (or to check it is), it’s unlikely to be :wink:


Is a rooted device, one that has had the door left open, so to speak, something like TWRP opens or closes that door (the bootloader) to allow installs/updates etc, but should I assume TWRP closes it again after say a successful update ? so my device, with stock /e/ + updates, and currently in my hand, for example would right at this moment not be rooted, although it could be if I wanted to play around with TWRP and leave the door open ie not - relock the bootloader.

Rooting is more deliberate than your suggestions (but one is easily confused when one reads “Your device is rooted” delivered when checking functionality in some apps, where this is unreliable information).

A search of Support topics leads to

perhaps start with this paragraph for insight.

Please do not lock the bootloader unless this is specifically covered in the install instructions for the device Search results for 'relock bootloader' - /e/ community

Apropos the gitlab bullet point Device rooted (as said by @smu44) the answer is No unless you took the very deliberate steps to Root it.

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