Guide on how to use the Covid 19 tracking framework on /e/OS

A guide on how to use the soon to be released Covid-19 tracking framework is available here

The framework implementation should be available as part of the v0.13 dev release coming out in the next couple of days in this week.
Stable channel - devices purchased from eShop - will receive the build by end of this week or early next week.

Suggestions and constructive feedback welcome.


I can’t see it in Apps, is it because I’m on /e/OS 0.12? Does Apps only show it on /e/OS 0.13 somehow?

Otherwise looks good.

As answered previously the framework comes as part of v0.13 changes to Apps Store. Will not be available in earlier versions. An upgrade of the build is necessary.

I can confirm it works well. I was a bit confused at first because “Exposure Notifications” didn’t show up in microG settings after installing the app but after a minute or so it did so I was just too fast there.

Thanks for implementing this :slight_smile:

The upgrade to v0.13 on the Fairphone 3+ came out today and I can confirm it works with the German Corona-Warn app

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