Happy Holidays and wishes for a great New Year

On behalf of the /e/OS team, wishing all users Happy Holidays, season’s greetings and a prosperous New Year 2023 (in advance) :christmas_tree: :santa: :pray:

I wish to thank all for your positive feedback and support over the years. It is through these words of encouragement that /e/OS has gained in strength.

There is much for us to improve upon and lots of targets that we still have to achieve, but I am absolutely certain that with your help we will reach there.

Sending out the greetings in advance, as a number of users are on vacation during the last week of the year and return during the first week of January :smile:

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Thank you @Manoj and all Dev Team for all your great work. I’m a happy /e/os user. Please keep up the good work.

In 2023 I wish you could find a way of making /e/os work with Android Auto.

Happy Holidays to you all! Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it!


Happy holidays to you and everyone involved in the /e/OS development.
I wish you the best for the new year and thank you for the great work already accomplished.


thanks Manoj for all the work