Happy New Year!

Congratulations to the “e.os” team happy New year. All the best to You!


Happy new year to all the users of this OS which is great , just as you all are.

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Happy New Year also from NZ

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Wishing all /e/ users a very happy, prosperous and healthy New Year…
We would not have come so far without the support and encouragement of each one of our users
For us at /e/ 2020 will be the defining year.
We have great plans for optimizing and improving the ROM…

  • upgrades to the OS setup process
  • a profile based setup,
  • a new name
  • a FOSS only version
  • partnerships
  • an easy installer
    the list is long , some of the plans are already being tested out.
    Looking forward to a great 2020 …

Happy New Year to all.

Let deeds follow …