Hard crash and phone lock -- QUALCOMM CrashDump Message

My phone has done this twice, the first time was ~1 month ago, second time was yesterday.

First time happened while I was actively using the phone (accessing the Magic Earth map-app), but no clear connection to anything I was doing in the app, I think.

Second time happened while the phone was unattended and unused, not hibernating, but just sitting there.

The phone is completely frozen after the crash, and requires a long (15+ second long) simultaneous double-press of both the on/off and volume-up buttons before it shuts down, then a reboot seems to solve the issue.

Never had this problem before … tentatively wondering if it is related to my upgrade to 1.4 about 6-7 weeks ago.

NOTE: I just, 30 minutes ago, upgraded to 1.5. The upgrade went smoothly. It is possible that already resolved the issue, if it is OS-related.

The exact on-screen message when the phone is frozen reads as follows:

QUALCOMM CrashDump Mode

wfw_rxagc.c:1878:2 consecutive VSRC drift. Please add himalaya.rfa.sw.dtr team to have the first look
subsys_err_fatal_intr_handlersubsys-restart: Resetting the SoC - no dem crashed.

Actual screenshot was, of course, impossible, but a photo taken of the screen with another phone looks like this –

So … you know … 1-10 scale … how concerned should I be about this? Anyone have any idea what is happening here? Anything I can/should do to fix it? Or just keep rebooting the phone if/when it happens again?

Danke, y gracias

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Bump … hello? Is anyone seeing this post?

I had the same problem, twice, last year (a few months apart). Since then, no more problems.

Best regards

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