Has anyone managed to find a way to relock the bootloader on an XA2?

I’m just placing this topic here so that newer arrivals who may have found a way to do this can reply.

I know that the XA2 is not supposed to be re-lockable, according to Sony, but I have found their documentation somewhat lacking in places, especially as regards Fastboot drivers, so I am not ruling out that the possibility may exist in some way.

So, if someone does find a way to relock the bootloader on an XA2 then it would be good to get their attention, and ask them to tell us how they did it.

Hence this post…:wink:

Have a look here https://gitlab.com/IzumiSena/Android-Verified-Boot

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As far as im aware its not possible to re-lock bootloader with /e/. Let alone device specific. Only devices/roms i know of to be able to relock is pixel phones with either GrapheneOS or CalyxOS. (Another one in development is HashbangOS, but again only for Pixels)

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