Having to root it at every update :(

My /e/ on Essential Phone is rooted but not rooted again at every update, quiet often
Having to root it again and again is tedious
Does anyone have a easy way to do it or avoid the unrooting?

this issue does have some devices. There are some issue created in issue log. I think better looking there.
But what I’m always telling: First proof if you really need root. Most people doesn’t need it really.

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Thanks harvey186, root is needed for running linux. I agree most people doesn’t needt it

Yeah, on the Essential the backuptool doesn’t work. Might have to do with the A/B thing. There’s a number of items that I have to reflash but since I’m already in TWRP flashing the ROM it doesn’t bother me to follow up with the other items including root (addonsu).

hello, well it happend to me some times and other times not. The only thing different : when I choose to add a security pattern to my device ( settings > security&confidentiality > screenlock security) then the next upgrade will break my root. I have to reinstall Magisk and some modules. When I disable the security pattern, the upgrade don’t break my root… weird
(device xiaomi redmi note 5)

How often do users get updates? Does it mainly depend on the device?
E.g. for a Galaxy S7, are there many updates in a month?

for my device xiaomi redmi note 5, there’s an update once or twice a week maybe…

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That’s worst, but a good case to asj your self if you really, really need root. Whwt happens without? Is an app not working? Or do you need it only every half year?

Thanks, experienced similar with Nexus 5. That’s a relatively lot of update traffic, almost 500MB at every update. But great work, the rom is working fine so far.

That is because the whole ROM gets downloaded as part of the update. May be we will have to eventually move to incremental updates - check what is already updated on the user phone and download only what needs to be updated.