HDR crashes open camera on moto G7

When I enable HDR instead of standard mode the camera will take 3 photos and not save a photo to gallery and open camera crashes. Same result multiple times.

I also have a second issue where 4 app icons like camera, phone, browser etc. from bliss launcher move to home screen and I am left with an empty black bar on the bottom of each screen.

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Try to clear data or Camera.

If you want to remove the bar, you can’t.
If icons just disappeared, reboot your device or clear Bliss Launcher data (you will have to sort your icons again).

You can report those issues on the gitlab with logs if you are still facing issues.


Camera App
I cleared Camera storage data and still crashed using HDR , dro , nr modes. std mode works fine.

Bliss Launcher
I restarted the phone and cleared bliss launcher data. It has happened twice in the last week. It happened this morning when I turned the phone on and had to re arrange icons again. I am happy to have the launcher but it seems like a bug so I can post to gitlab once I figure out how to capture the logs.