Heimdall VS Adb

Hi, I’m wondering if I can flash a Samsung S7 without using Heimdall? Can I just use Download mode and twrp, like the Xiaomi Mi A1, or need Heimdall as well?

sure, heimdall is only for beginners which doesn’t know about fastboot, adb and so on

@harvey186 thank you so much. I was trying to setup heimdall, now I’m gonna quit and just use adb, fastboot, twrp that I’m familiar with… Thanks for your quick response!!!

Heimdall is much more complicated to use than Samsung ODIN for Windows.

Samsung Odin only requires the Android USB Driver for Windows, but e. g. no *.PIT-file, no command line, because the graphical “Windows” interface makes it very easy to use.


TWRP Recovery is installed in no time, as are the /e/ OS and *.tar or *.tar.md5 files.

Measured by Market shares of the leading operating systems worldwide from Jan. 2009 to Sept. 2019
… Windows 79.1%
… Mac OS X 14.37%
… Linux 1.74%
… every fourth computer user could theoretically use it.

But of course our /e/ professionals remain true to ADB & Fastboot, because they can be used very universal and almost for all phones.

Yes, and it is too bad that the Linux desktop share is so low!

Anyway I believe that the ADB and Fastboot should be used… I flashed the SM-G930 this morning. Perfect. Such easy to use!

Mom and Dad” have preferred Windows for years. Even though some Linux derivatives are becoming more and more user friendly (just recently I installed Ubuntu 19.10 for testing purposes), Windows remains the top dog in home computing.

Even the easy to use ADB and Fastboot deters “Mom and Dad” when it comes to entering commands in the terminal.

In a few months /E/asy Installer

… a new tool that will allow anyone to install /e/ OS on any supported smartphone, just by plugging it into a PC (Linux, MacOS, or Windows) and following instructions.

… is supposed to bring some light. I am curious.

/e/ OS — Easy Installer Alpha


It is true! Someone at Microsoft made some good advertising decisions… :unamused: But Windows is so unhealthy.

Windows and StockROM Android are quite comparable …

Mobil OS Market Shares
Statcounter reports that Android accounted for a significant 74.45% of the sector between January 2018 and January 2019, while iOS fell far to 22.85%. The remaining 2% was accounted for by KaiOS (a web-based operating system to enhance feature phones) with a total of 1.1%, 0.3% Windows, 0.28% Samsung and 0.41 percent Unknown size.

… both OS are so unhealthy …
… but they are used by the vast majority of users.

That won’t change much either. Should /e/ OS actually manage to become the third largest provider in the mobile OS market, then the e.Foundation can be happy when it achieves a market share of 2.7% - just like today Others 2.7%

Yes, and /e/ OS can only become even 2.7% big with our support!

But I have faith that we can, together, spread the word and make /e/ 10-20% big in several years!

And that .41%? may be half of it is already /e/! This should be good!

why is here every post ending with a report about windows??3

could we pls stay on topic ? thx

Even the quoted @GaelDuval [Gaël Duval] has written the bad word “Windows”.

When we talk about Samsung ODIN, Heimdall and ADB we inevitably also talk about Windows.

You don’t want us to use these words because you have a different attitude?

Are you a moderator or a supporter? Do you want to censor our words?
We are not your students. @Manoj is a moderator & community leader

With your senior teacher mentality you clearly go too far!

We didn’t say anything that violates forum rules. And as long as this is so, exists freedom of information and freedom of expression on this forum.

Good work with the collection of all my ‘hate’. Gratulation.
But i will stop here, because it’s all out of topic.


No personal attacks please. Pl stick to the topic.


And sometimes you get criticized for “Not following the mainstream”,as if you are a tech nerd, escaping from common social activities while trying to show off to people, or a “soft resist” to the superiors in your school and office.

I‘m using a GNU/Linux desktop at home, instead of that damn wind0ws. I’m really proud of it,since it’s my first personal desktop computer, built from scratch with second-hand stuff. But my parents think I’m doing the job of a spy or cracker!! And I got into trouble when my school required me to use proprietary streaming services to have online classes since the virus outbreak happened…

Using /e/ requires courage, and leaving google is just not enough. We should be determined enough, to stand up against all those pressures and deny the whole proprietary world, and reach the extent where everyone can enjoy software freedom.


That’s the attitude. :+1: keep that up

and I’m sorry about the proprietary streaming services… Really is disgusting when something like that happens.
Suggest Zoom.