Hello, I want to communicate with someone to help me, I installed the rom on my samsung j7 2015 versión M I have had failures in the image I sent you, I don't know if it's that I installed the system wrong or my cell phone is not compatible

Since it won’t let me put the image I’ll put what it says Android system there has been an internal problem in the device.

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Could you please shorten the headline of your topic to some keywords about the issue and put the rest of the text into the post, as is customary and would keep forum topic list views readable and clean on mobile devices?

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  1. what is exactly your model number ?

  2. or what is your device codename ?
    [HOWTO] Find device codename

  3. does the problems occur when you try to install e-1.16-q-20231020343704-dev-j7elte.zip ?

  4. or the problem is before that step ( flashing TWRP or recovery-e ) ?

Are you asking about this ?

There is an image on this link.


In top oft my head, this message pops up only, after a reboot.
You can just make it a habit, to klick it away – it’s safe, as far as I remember.
In Aug/Sep I repaired 4 of those, flashed /e – really liked the phone as such – and all had that message.
But I have handed them out to some people who I’ll only see again in December, so I have not heard anything longterm.

Hello @Leuter18
I’m thinking of exactly this problem too.

If the image in @aibd 's link does reproduce the error message you’re getting, then you’ve got nothing to worry about, it’s a known minor bug that doesn’t affect the phone’s operation.

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