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hello all !

I’m going to receive a galaxy s7 edge refundish and i go to try to install /e/OS and then i need two proprietary applications as what’s app and discords. Ok that does not make sens to use this kind of software on /e/ but family is there and demoscene also.

Is there any f-droid or else facilities to take place on my next phone and do it right ?
I searchd on F-droid and didn’t find.

Thanx a lot !



Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Hi, Shelter from F-Droid Store and subsequent how-to could be a solution when using WhatsApp.

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Hello SuzieQ and thanx for your answer :slight_smile:
Ok discord i go try the official taste, instagram i have to find something because your software tells only one installation of it is allowed. In linux we need ice ssb and yes encapsulate the site ! :slight_smile:
thanx a lot yet!

Instagram is a spying app for shelter work profile or use it as PWA ( https://instagram.com?force=pwa&source=mlpwa and save shortcut on desktop)

And don’t forget installing a tracker blocker like TrackerControl in both profiles.

hello !
so then i don’t need at all insta, i simply have to keep discord and what’sApp. Ok for the encapsulation but as this is the web version, how i have to find the QR code to connect with ? Only theses two software in pro on my futur /e/OS phone, i know it is sad but as my family done groups in, i can’t make otherelse.
Thanx a lot yet


I never have needed a QR code on instagram

Ok for insta but WhatsApp yes. Si then i have first to intall thé system. Regards

Sorry I have a little problem to understand your messages.
You can use whatsapp app under shelter. SuziQ has send you the link to the howto.

Oooooops sorry
I go make this so.

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