Help entering PUK SIM code how to force prompt or entry?

Greetings, I loaded the latest eOS onto a Motorola G4 play. The odd thing is that the phone was listed as “UNLOCKED GSM” (I missed the “GSM” part when I bought it and thought it was fully unlocked). This is odd because the battery cover on the phone says “Verizon”. Perhaps a replacement part, I don’t know. Anyway, I have an active Verizon LTE SIM card from a dead phone and I wanted to see if I could use it. I got the SIM card’s PUK from the Verizon site but the phone never prompts me to enter it or a SIM unlock pin code. In settings, the phone number is detected as is the carrier but there is not traffic or signal. Is there anyway I can manually enter the PUK or get my phone to prompt me? (Note - I saw some instructions to remove the SIM while the phone was live but that cannot be done on this phone due to the battery placement.

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It looks like you need a
« Network unlocking code »
for the device, not for the SIM card,
ask to the old carrier
( you will have to give them the IMEI )

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hmmm. I did find a code to unlock the SIM, *05[PUK][ new PIN][new PIN]# ; but I agree that is card specific… I gotta vent. I was on the phone with Straight Talk trying to find out why my data is not working (just calls/test). I had a meeting so i scheduled a call back to an alternate phone. At the time the call back was scheduled I was on the phone and it dropped. When I tried to call that party back, the phone rings to Straight Talk support regardless of what number I dial! That is not even a ST phone, it’s Tracfone. I don’t even know how that happens [/