HELP I can't switch off TalkBack!

Hello, I have a big problem. I wanted to have a look at TalkBack Foss. Now my smartphone no longer responds at all. Only when I restart it can I enter the pin and password for the lock screen and that’s it. The app also says something about a lock button but there is none.

I have a Fairphone 5 with /e/OS 2.0.
I have already tried pressing the volume buttons for a few seconds.

I also suspect that it could be my keyboard. I have Hellibord from IzziOnDroid F-Droid Repo installed. But I can’t change it either.


Have you tried booting into safe mode and deinstall the app there?
Long press on/off button → reboot → long press systemsafe mode
(works that way for my S7…)
(Be prepared though that all app icons on the homescreen will probably be mixed up after booting again into normal mode afterwards)


Vielen vielen Dank. Das hat funtioniert :man_facepalming: :+1: