Help I locked the bootloader and my phone is dead

I just installed e os on my google pixel 4a. I wanted to lock the bootloader after the succesfull installation. Now the phone is dead and says it can’t find valid operating system. It is also not possible for me to enter into fastboot anymore. Not via the command line nor the phone. Do you have any ideas what I can do? I have installed “sunfish”

Thank you so much for you help!!

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I’m not sure but after flash of /e/, you had to keep bootloader unlocked, no ?

Maybe you could try to flash a stock rom with web version of android flash tool ?
All steps can be done with this installer. It could give another chance to your pixel ?

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yes I learned that you should NOT lock the bootloader again… But I found out that you can enter fastboot by pressing volume down (not up!) and the power putton. If you enter at the same time the code for unlocking the bootloader it will get into fastboot mode unlocked. Hopefully that helps other google pixel users who are mistakenly try to lock the bootloader again…

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So, could you save your pixel or is it still bricked ?

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Yes that way I could save the phone luckily :slight_smile: Thank you for your support!


Good news ! Hope you will appreciate /e/ on pixel. I’ll try soon a flash of /e/ on my pixel 4a

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How do i enter the unlocking code for the bootloader while booting into fastboot holding volume down button?