Help installing /e/ on Galaxy S9

At this point I would try to install TWRP with

heimdall flash --RECOVERY twrp-x.x.x-x-starlte.img --no-reboot

If that works, then the next step would be to reboot into recovery (maybe with adb reboot recovery) and try to do adb sideload with the following, in order:
1. then with

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OK, I installed the 3 steps as you describe, inclusive e-07-…zip
During install, data could not be formatted. during start of the system, the device told mee, that encryption does not work anymore and that a factory reset has to be done. No I am in a boot loop, but can get into TWRP.
I cannot mount data. Seems that I was too quick, I had to wipe before installing e-0.7…
Any idea what I could do?

Ok, I now followed the description:
4) … then tap Wipe.
5) Now tap Format Data and continue with the formatting process. This will remove encryption as well as delete all files stored on the internal storage.
6) Return to the previous menu and tap Advanced Wipe.
7) Select the Cache and System partitions to be wiped and then Swipe to Wipe.

Sorry, I wrote the message in a hurry and forgot about the wipe step.
Did it work in the end?

Hi guys I am unfortunately struggling to install /e/ on my s9 i installed twrp on my s9 but cant install any zip files. I fear i have made a terrible mistake. :frowning: im downlaoding files to mac high serria then transferring to the s9 via flashdrive and otg thanks a lot !

@andrew.c, I have had best experiences when all necessary files needed to flash a Custom ROM are stored on a microSD card and loaded from there.

Before you try again, check if the model of your Galaxy S9 is one of the devices supported by /e/ OS Samsung Galaxy S9 - " starlte" : SM-G960 F / F/DS / N (Exynos).

These S9 models are not compatible:

SM-G960 0/DS (Snapdragon) Dual-sim
SM-G960 U (Snapdragon) USA
SM-G960 W (Snapdragon) Canada

thanks I will give it a go

Sorry, I did not look here since my post above.
After correctly installing e3, and wiping of data, my phone works very well. I do use f-droid and installed Aurora Store, because the Apps Store does not work for me.

Very much thank you all, this is a very nice ROM.

I just managed to install the software yea!

This is very pleasing :ok_hand:

It would be interesting and certainly useful for other potential users if they could say here how you avoided the initial difficulties - for example, what did you do differently than before? All for one and One for all.:v:

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What i did was unzip the install file using archive utility. the file had a zip.cpgz thingy and i could install that. I tried a second time but it didnt work. If you are struggling to install e on a mac give that a go.

Hello there,
I originally came on this topic for the same reason as @cosmin, i was (am) getting the E:footer is wrong when trying to “Patch de device”.
I followed along the thread and decided to try installing TWRP first as @Anonyme recommended.
Following the instructions in the next step I am getting the same error as @Frank, Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed(RECOVERY) when trying to heimdall flash --RECOVERY twrp-3.3.1-0-starlte.img --no-reboot on the “Downloading screen”…
I am on a Linux system, I succesfully enabled OEM and my phone model is SM-G960F (which should be supported).
How do I get through this? heimdall print-pit does work but simply reboots the device, I don’t see the point of it.
As @archie suggested we could (should) make a sum-up of these errors and maybe update the installation guide accordingly, I personally haven’t been able to find the part I am missing in this thread while at least 2 persons went through that, can anyone share his story?

@ROM, I tried the tool heimdall under Windows® and uninstalled it very quickly. With Samsung’s ODIN3 I have collected best experiences.

Also under ODIN3 the immediate restart is known after flashing TWRP Recovery with file twrp-3.3.1-0-starlte.img.tar - and is deactivated there in the options.

The decisive point to success, however, is the complete manual switching off of the device:

This forcing to switch off the device causes TWRP Recovery to remain installed during my flash operations and not to be overwritten by StockROM Android Recovery again.

To switch off the S6 Edge I had done the following:

  1. press VOL (-) + POWER + HOME simultaneously - and wait patiently …
  2. but exactly at the moment when Samsung device goes out, i.e. the display turns black, …
  3. change from VOL (-) to VOL (+) and press all three buttons simultaneously {= VOL (+) + POWER + HOME} …
  4. the Samsung LOGO shows up
  5. wait a few seconds … until TWRP is displayed.

Thank you for your advice @archie, however I had completely forgot to mention it but I use arch BTW :smile: and I haven’t used a Windows machine in years (I don’t even own one anymore).
If there is still a way to go on Linux I would like to follow it, as it would seem morally wrong otherwise… After all if we are using a mobile OS for privacy reasons we should be able to install it from another privacy oriented system rather than through Windows…
Will edit my post for others coming later

It offers ADB and Fastboot. It is available for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Data protection under the Windows® operating system is very easy to handle. The reliable MS Windows® 7 and Samsung ODIN3 can be used offline, without internet connection.

My PC (work and test computer) consists of a dual boot system: Windows + Ubuntu. This gives me the possibility to try different installation possibilities of customROMs.

I have no moral concerns when using these operating systems and tools. What counts for me is the successful installation of customROMs.

I did it on Mint a week ago (edit: using Heimdall, to be clear). I hit the ‘only official binaries’ wall, too, and my understanding was that I triggered the 7-day lock by allowing the stock ROM to boot (a whole thread around it here, there was also a very informative recap post on how it exactly works, can’t find it now), eg the OEM unlock was gone from dev options, but to my surprise I was able to flash TWRP when I tried two days later. Maybe the cool-off was shorter in my region or something, I don’t have the answer as to why.

The terminology “Only official released binaries” I haven’t met it not yet in connection with flashing customROMs.

Samsung’s ODIN3 and Samsung smartphones harmonize very well with each other. Even the subsequent upgrading of /e/ OS with a new bootloader/baseband firmware or the bottles of a 4-part StockROM firmware works very well.

Whatever that may be: Every user can choose his tool to switch to /e/ OS. And every /e/ user is welcome in the /e/ club.

Sorry, what offers ADB and Fastboot, again?

You can’t seriously believe that I’m discussing with you a lá @harvey186 /e/ support continue …

Your question “What does “/e/ support” stand for on this forum?” is enough for me.

I seriously believe that the quality of posts on this forum varies greatly from kids running wild to useful and informed advice.

Now, if you were claiming that it’s Odin that offers ADB and Fastboot, which I believe you did but I wanted to make sure, you were wrong on both accounts.