Help installing /e/ on samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)


A month ago I tried to install /e/ on a sony xperia I had just bought but I actually made it not usable, half a day after buying it…

I now bought a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), model SM-A520F.

I am really wondering if I should try installing /e/ again. Is this phone well supported ?

Could someone sort of help me step by step? Maybe take an appointment on the forum for a time we could have time to go through the steps together… (I didn’t do anything yet on the phone)

Thank you for your advices.

Your short Xperia XA2 episode I read. You know that Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F aka “a5y17lte” works with /e/ OS e-0.7-n (nougat), right?

  1. For the Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F is also Oreo 8.0.0 available. What is the current StockROM Android in your phone?

  2. Which PC operating system do you want to work - iOS - Linux - Windows?

  3. Do you want to work with ADB & Fastboot again or do you prefer not to work anymore?

It’s really easy to restore a Samsung phone with Odin on Windows (download the stock firmware on sammobile and save it somewhere by the way).
So if you don’t try to flash a TWRP that isn’t for your device everything should be fine.

Here is a tutorial if you need it (turn on OEM unlock in development settings to increase the chance of success) :

I am currently on Oreo, I can use both Linux or windows. As for ADB & Fastboot, I just want to use the easiest and less risky solution now… I can’t afford a new phone again and I wish to risk least mistakes on my part.

I will take a look a that link thank you

So I checked there, my phone is on Oreo, but the version of /e/ is nougat.

So this means I cannot install /e/ ?

I think You can build your own have a look to the documentation Here to build your oreo build…

Oh so I guess it is complicated and risky then…

In my opinion, building your own /e/OS-ROM is not as easy as it is shown here again and again by connoisseurs of matrery. The instructions are meaningful, but whoever lacks basic knowledge about Docker container platform will have to fight for a long time until the result is right.

@shadowfax, your first experiences with flashing a custom ROM were catastrophic - and everyone knows it: Once bitten, twice shy. But you still want to try it again - otherwise you wouldn’t be asking for help here, right? But when flashing, there’s always the risk that you can turn your Galaxy A5 into a paperweight that doesn’t turn on or boot.

My experience with Samsung Phone is the same as @ Anonyme. Under Windows with Samsung Odin, flashing TWRP is very easy - and flashing /e/ OS with TWRP is just as easy.

My very first step would be to make a full backup of all the partitions, i.e. /Modem /Boot /System /Data and especially important /EFS. Saving to an external microSD card is highly recommended. This would save your current configuration with StockROM Android 8 Oreo.

Another question: Which ISP carrier in which country do you operate your mobile phone? If anonymity is important to you, please don’t answer here.

MoDem is important have a look at this post last year in french : Retour à propos du projet /e/

I dont know if the person manage finaly to fix his modem problem…
The actual version on phone seem important too, he had a v8 oreo and try to install the /e/ nougat v7.
So i think it is not compliant… Take care.

My questions had the factual background exactly because of the possible problems mentioned here:

Whether the Samsung Reactivation Lock is active or not …

… should also be done before attempting to change the operating system.

Okay So I am in France. And I think it looks too risky for me right now as I am in a position in which I will not be able to get another phone if this one stops working. So far I disactivated the google apps and installed F-droid and Aptoide, I will have to comply with that for now…

I can understand your thinking. Samsung has introduced security mechanisms with its firmware updates since 2018, especially since Oreo 8.0.0, to make it more difficult to change the operating system. Although there are solutions to install another operating system anyway, e.g. Android 7.0 or /e/OS, the intervention in the Oreo 8.0.0 system has its risks. “It’s Lombard Street to a China orange.” (There’s no changing that).

In a few months the installation of /e/ OS should become much easier with … An /E/asy Installer!

Oh okay I guess I will wait until then, hoping my phone will be supported.
Is there any reason why /e/ is still running Android 7.0?

/e/ Android 7 and current security patches 2019/2020 are a good and everyday configuration for me. Android 8 Oero is said to be more difficult for software developers to handle than Android 9-Pie. That’s why work is being done behind the scenes on the /e/ OS 9-pie development. Good things need time. ;o)

Have you seen this post here octobre 13

Seem to have permit fix the modem problem I’ve related and no need to compile by yourself oreo…

As @kosssi say today on his last post on “Retours à propos du projet /e/”.

An /E/asy Installer! will only start a successful installation if it installs at least one /e/ OS 8-Oero or better /e/ OS 9-Pie build for your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F.

The bootloader of StockROM Android 8.0.0 and /e/ OS e-0.7-n (7-nougat) usually do not fit together; this may mean that the device becomes unusable.

Starting with StockRom firmware Android 8.0.0 Oero version: FTM - France A520FXXU5CRGB - A520FFTM5CRG2 - A520FXXU*5CRF8 a new bootloader (v5 or higher) is used.

Firmware Android 8.0.0 Oero Version: FTM - France A520FXXU4CRF1 - A520FFTM4CRF1- A520FXXU4CREH still uses a bootloader (v4), just like Firmware Android 7.0 Nougat Version: FTM - France A520FXXU4BRC4 - A520FFTM4BRC2 - 520FXXU4BRC1 uses a bootloader (v4). The MODEM/CP version also changes. From this follows: Solution