[Help Needed] beyond2lte on eOS 2.1-t - Device Not Vibrating for Calls or Haptic Feedback

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with my beyond2lte running eOS 2.1-t – the device doesn’t vibrate at all. This includes not vibrating for incoming calls or providing any haptic feedback for typing or navigation.

I’ve reported this issue on GitLab: Issue #8063.

Has anyone else faced this issue or have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot it? Specifically, I’m looking for:

  1. ADB commands that could help force the device to vibrate.
  2. Any apps that can test the vibration functionality.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated! And thanks in advance for your support!

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The app Checkup (Fairphone Checkup) does a test run of vibration motor.

My 2.1-t-20240605406922-dev-ocean is also failing to vibrate and fails Checkup test. At boot there is a small vibrate at start of boot, this does work.

Edit I just ran CacheCleaner of all apps and haptic is restored.

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The Checkup vibration failed at me, too.

Did you try the app CacheCleaner which worked for me. (I nearly always use full CacheCleaner with every upgrade, but had omitted it this time.)

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So, your haptics was broken and CacheCleaner re-enabled it?

Which system app is suspected to block the vibration mechanics?

How is taking out daily garbage repairing my broken window?

Confirm, yes, to your first question for my device.

Well my view is that when daily garbage builds up, it should be harmless. However on upgrade it is possible that some part of that garbage can cause an issue due to the way that (maybe some app) uses some cache content in a way different from intention.

I did not take any action to identify any responsible app. CacheCleaner does offer the opportunity to work through your system app by app.

I tested the suggested CC on a couple of apps. User dara was retained. I took a deep inhale and went on… Cleaning the cache for all the apps did not help, no vibration either. Thank you anyway to suggesting an app cleaning caches.

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There are some LineageOS bug reports on missing vibrate feature, even at Lineage20. eOS 2.1-t is forked from LineageOS 19…