Help, new user, PIN lock


I’m in need of some help, I have just got a Fairphone 4 from murena (I wanted a Fairphone but didn’t want Google, and I am not experienced in setting up OS myself in any way shape or form) got the phone set up started, including setting up a PIN, then went to sync my contacts from IOS to E, turned the phone off to put my SIM card in and now the PIN I am sure I used (as it’s the same one from my iPhone) isn’t correct apparently and I have no idea how to reset it or what to do about it! Can someone help me please?


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Panic over, I have managed to do a factory reset somehow using the volume down button and plugging the usb cable in. Slightly terrifying and nerve wracking for me but seems to have done the trick!

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Just to offer a bit of an explanation – I think when you ran the First start wizard with no SIM you set an “Unlock PIN” for the device.

When you then added your SIM card, you were asked for the PIN for your SIM card.

Factory reset with SIM card present on the device was “the right thing to do”! :white_check_mark: