Help: Sd card corrupted after update to v1.0 (Galaxy s10+)

Hello all,

i have a samsung galaxy s10+ and today my sdcard get corrupted after having /e/os updated to v1.0.
Remove and reinsert the card or restart the OS makes the same.
That’s a 400GB card, and I’m particularly enjoyed to store the data in other one, reformat it and and put these back on it again, especially if the desktop with ubuntu may read it.
On the /e/os there the tooling for storage is a little bit primitive. no tools or commands is present to check, recheck, mount unmount, repair the storages…
Do someone knows how to handle this without systematically reformat the card ?

Thank you for help an interest.

Have a nice time


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I too ran into this after an update, poked at it and while I have no solution or idea to the actual cause during update - the exfat driver in use makes a difference.

The latest incarnation of the Samsung exfat driver that made it into mainline and back to 4.9 (and most Linux distributions and Android devices) is more tolerant to what older drivers see as corrupted. Your star2lte still has the older driver but a backport is possible.

If this would avert being initially identified as corrupted I don’t know, but it would make recovery easier.

no tools or commands is present to check, recheck, mount unmount, repair the storages…

true - not through the user interface. Though since Android 9 or 10, “vold” (the internal volume manager) does a fsck.exfat on boot of the sdcard filesystem and will output its result to logcat. With adb root you can do this manually, but it won’t make a difference as it already ran. Just fyi

CC to the now closed SD Card corrupted in phone and all files accessible on computer

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OK. Thx
Will you report that to the developers to check for next update?

I mean it’s not a fix to the issue itself, just that I found the new driver to be more robust for even older device - it would not avoid the issue in the first place but only help recovery.

As you @Bernie_bare in the closed thread had a FP3+ on v1.5 (which Android version btw?) you already have the newer driver, so no real progress.

( I made an error, the S10+ is beyond2lte, not star2lte, but that too is not on the latest samsung exfat, so still applies. )

Have 1.5-20221028.
Should I install 1.6 to try?

no an version update will not change something for you - to the contrary I guess: bug must be with the ota unpack / the recovery that “corrupts” the sdcard. I didn’t wanted to get anyone hopes up that I have something new for “corrupted after update”.

Anyway, GitHub - namjaejeon/linux-exfat-oot: exFAT for Linux (Backport for low kernel version support) has the latest upstream and can be applied back to kernel 4.1. You’d need to get your device maintainer or common kernel on board to include it or build yourself.