Help us recommend the Samsung Galaxy with /e/

Hi everyone,
As you know we’re about to start selling premium refurbished Samsung Galaxy with /e/ native. As we will have 4 different models to sell, it might be tough for people new to these devices to choose one over the other.

That’s where we could use your help!
We think it would be great if we could bring forward what /e/ users with a Samsung Galaxy like and dislike about their phone so we could add to each product page as a guide. A bit a like a review if you will.

For example, Samsung Galaxy S7 /e/ users might recommend the S7 for its compact size and Samsung Galaxy S9 users might recommend the S9 for its immersive screen or the stereo speakers.

So if you own a S7, S7 edge, S9 or S9+, i’d love to hear from you. And i’m sure future users will be thrilled to have some input to help them make a sound choice. Looking forward to your comments below.

Thanks in advance for help!


Hi alexis,

I do love my S9 because the screen is excellent, especially if you’re not a fan of camera cutouts as the slightly newer phones feature, the speakers are great and it still is fairly compact phone, considering the screen size. I like that the screen is quite long but not that wide, so I can still hold comfortably with one hand and I’m still able to watch widescreen videos on it and read text on websites. Also I do like the position of the fingerprint sensor which sits nicely within reach on the back of the phone. Also I think it just looks elegant… even if you have a case around it (which you’ll want. The phone is glass all around). :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

I think selling refurbished Samsung phones is an excellent idea by the way. Samsung seems to be somewhat neglected by the custom ROM scene, despite the really nice hardware, so I appreciate that you focus on these devices.


Hi Anja,
thanks for your note. Great to hear your feedback and what you like about this phone.

The good thing with Samsung devices is that they have a large installed base in the market so it is ‘easy’ to source. Plus they let users change the OS without issues so it is convenient for us.
All the best.


Ja I am really liking the S9 you recommended Alexis, I think you said you had an S9+ but the S9 SM-G960F is working just excellent so far that is, with the standards, only added Firefox and NordVPN, everything from wifi assist calling to running Bluetooth transfers, and in the middles of a phone call all at the same time, no problems.

Only one things and I am not sure how I did it, but when I have the phone to my ear, not using speaker phone, the screen sensitivity I somehow muted the mic.

The S7 would do that or somehow the calander or alarm app would engage and the also mute the mic, really sensitive screen, but the S9 is ok, S9 muted the mic once I think my cheek touched the icon and muted. LOL. What the S9 doesn’t do is cause the echo effect for the person on the other end whilst using speaker, so that’s also good. :slight_smile:

One question I am recording some talks I am preparing and a 30 minute talk is a bout 2.3 Gb on the S9. is that normal? can I reduce the size of that a little ? If so what would be the recommended setting if someone is recording a long presentation?

Cheers, Luka

the pre-installed recorder app is pretty basic.
You might want to test another app with recording options. I’m not personally using any app like this, but you could ask around.

Also, I’ve seen the app ‘Audio Recorder and Editor’ from the developer rierie501 on our Apps store that seems to include these options. It has no in-app trackers, so it should be safe for your data.