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We are currently conducting an anonymous segmentation survey to better understand our user base regarding technology and privacy related services. This will, in turn, allow us to continue to improve the OS and services we offer, as well as help us find more people for whom /e/OS would be a good fit.

The survey is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. If you would like to participate and share about your experience with /e/OS & Murena you can follow the link here. (You and /e/OS)

Your feedback is invaluable to the success of the project!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Sadly I had to back out of the survey, because for the first two questions, there was no answer that matched my experience

1 How did you become an /e/OS user ?

By building /e/OS for a non-supported phone that I aready owned

2 Are you using /e/OS on your main smartphone or a secondary device?

I am currently not using /e/ on either, because the versions of /e/ for my devices are outdated

Adding a response ‘Other’ with a comment box, would enable me to answer those questions. The same may be true of further questions, but I cannot get beyond the first page, because I cannot provide accurate answers to the questions on that page :frowning: ]


Good feedback. Let me pass it on to the team. Not sure they can update the survey

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Same for me, first question :

I wasn’t own any android device,
I bought especialy one in the supported list to install /e/ on it


Done yesterday already! :white_check_mark:

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I also enjoyed editing it, in detail and truthfully.

I love /e/OS and have been very happy with my Murena FP4 for over a year and the wonderful support from Manoj here on the forum!

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Also, the question about what OS one uses at work should have a “Not Applicable” or other option. (I had to pretend I still work and that I use Linux at the office. :crazy_face:)


Same, I bought an e/os compatible phone (2x) to install e/os.

The questions about being willing to pay extra for services that value privacy / sustainability… In my head “how much” does not work in percentage…


Done today :white_check_mark:
Good initiative !

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Though I suggest to make more use of the *other option in general, as for

  • “How would you rate Murena Cloud?”, because my actual answer would be: “I can’t rate it, because I don’t use the cloud.” So, I had to give it one star to continue.
  • “How proficient are you with technology in general?” I suggest this either, for I am fascinated by good caftwork as well as high tech perfection, but scared by the possibilities bad people gain in this Wild West. So I had to use “Pragmatic”, which is not the truth.

Done today :white_check_mark:
Good initiative !


Also the choice of the phone is limited to one model only. What if I have a daily driver and a spare one ?


I was only asked IF I was willing to pay extra for services. I with a “no”, because I find this rather a complex topic that isn’t just black or white.

In general I am willing to pay for (extra) services when a product/service is good and if I can thus count on its further development. Buying a PC or phone e.g. I expect the OS to be included. For good FOSS I’d sometimes rather pay a little something than donating. The same goes for most PlayStore apps, where I preferably used to choose fee-based apps without ads and tracking.

Another example: I’m a web developer used to working with Macromedia products, but never ever would I buy overpriced Adobe products or services. I prefer fair prices and vendors allowing users to participate in the development (to some extent).

I fully agree
if your answer was Yes the follow-up question on “how much” is rated in percentage but gives an option to skip that by not giving a specific value…

I guess if you include that topic in a survey you have to simplify in a somewhat smart way depending on where you are heading to in the survey in general… or you end up lost in complexity …

Thank you for the survey!
For me personally it fits, but there were some questions where categories are missing, so that they cannot be answered by all users:
“How did you become a /e/OS user ?”

  • other… e.g. “someone installed eOS for me” would be possible, too
    “You mentioned you installed /e/OS on a compatible phone you owned, can you please tell us the brand and model?”
  • I installed it on a smartphone and a tablet, but I could only specify one of them.
    “What is the operating system on your personal computer ?”
  • What about Windows 11? (there are also some others (rare) OS)

Done today :white_check_mark:
Live long and prosper :vulcan_salute: