Help with paid apk installation

Is there any way to bring an already-paid for paid app into my main phone running /e/ without signing into google play on the main phone?

Maybe sign into google play on my secondary phone, somehow download the apk, and send to my /e/ phone so I can ClassyShark it and evaluate how and under what conditions to install it? How can this be done? I’m reading that paid apps need root access in order for their apk to be extracted by apps like apk extractor.

The paid app I am trying to move from my google account to de-googled /e/ phone is minecraft, if that makes a difference.

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I find it hard to believe no one has tried something like this. It’ll be easier to setup my kid with /e/ on his phone if I can include it - we’ve both been playing it for years, off and on.

Is there any good reason to not try to do this?

Paid Apps come up now and then, have you tried the search?

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Thank you. I had searched, but used the wrong search tearms. That’s just what I need.