Help with three apps

Hello everybody,

I am using /e/ for a couple of days now and I like it. I am switching from an iPhone to a Fairphpone 4 and noticed that three apps are not working.Maybe you can help me with that

  • I cant sign in in Outlook with my work email Adress
  • I cant sign in into Netflix
  • Wild Rift gaves me the error -100

Are you on stable or dev version ?

Hello, you need to re-activate the tracker “mobile engagement” that is blocked by advanced privacy for office apps like outlook to work

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It is the stable version.
This fixes Outlook for me. Thanks.

Advanced Privacys hide-my-ip uses Tor exit nodes and commercial services tend to block them. You could do it years ago, but not anymore - do you have it enabled?

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I know what tor and hide my ip does. It is disabled. I can start Wild Rift, but the i receive the error -100. In Netflix I cant even. sign in.

have no difficulty logging into netflix on the /e/ devices I have (none is a FP4 though) through the App. Would you be able to login in the browser? Netflix doesn’t impose that many restrictions on login… just playback itself would be barred if DRM is broken

for wild rift - maybe peg League of Legends: Wild Rift if your error is known

logging in throuth the browser is working

could you quote your exact version?

I checked netflix on v1.8-beta.2-s-20230118252405-dev-FP3 and an older v1.4 tablet.

It will say in a bright popup “Sorry, we are unable to complete the sign-in process now. Please try again later.” but then will immediately forward to the sign-in page and lets me login.


I am confused, I cahnged nothing but waited a few minutes and now i can sign in to netflix.

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