Herolte S7 w/oreo not receiving SMS (Free Mobile France)

Hi I’ve installed Oreo build in my S7 and I cannot receive any SMS. I have Free Mobile (France) and I can send SMS, call, receive calls, I have 4g but I do not receive any SMS.

Does anyone encountered any similar issue? Do you know how to solve it please? :slight_smile:


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Just to clarify a litle bit before installing Oreo I was receiving SMS.

I have found the solution. If anyone encounters this problem… This is what I did:
1 - Enter testing menu, or whatever menu opens with this combination => ##4636##
2 - Go to Phone information => Scroll down and look for SMSC
3 - (If you Click refresh you will see current settings) And enter Free SMSC number: +33695000695 and click update. If you have another service provider you will have to look for the number on the internet or call the service provider tech assistance to obtain it.

After that I turned plane mode on for a minute, then off. I rebooted and then SMS started working again. I was able to receive messages :slight_smile:

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Dear All,

I had exactly the same problem as @luchoArg34: no SMS reception on S7 with Herolte 0.13. I could however send SMS. I have the same provider (Free).

However, I could not use his solution, the ##4636## lead to an error message. The solution I found was to use Signal as SMS application.

So I hope it can be useful to other. I feel the issue comes from the SMS app, which is not the default one from Stock Android.

Kind regards,

Hi tonton1. Actually the number you have to use is *#*#4636#*#*
I’m sorry I wrote it wrong. I didn’t use escape character in the message and the * were erased! \
Here you can check the exact procedure to do this:


Same problem here on S7 with latest e/os oreo.
SMS was not working with standart “Message”-App. With Signal as SMS App it is working.
I’Ve created a ticket for this problem here:

Any news for your issue?

I correct the information : *#4636#*

But i think solution is under APN