Herolte upgrade of rooted e os results in bootloop

When I upgrade via TWRP or build-in updater on my Magisk rooted e os it results in a bootloop and only flashing the old e os version fixes the bootloop. To update I (would) need to format data & system to get the new version working - so how can I upgrade without problems? (don’t have this problem with eg LineageOS)

TWRP bacakup before you upgrade and restore the backup after. See this post for detailed steps:

[CUSTOM BUILD] Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact `lilac` (Android Q) - #21 by petefoth)

Thanks, but still a lot of effort to do this ~once a month.
Any idea what could be the problem?

There is a difference between upgrade from one Android version to a higher one (e.g 1.6-R to 1.6-S) which does not happen once a month, and update from one /e/OS version to another (e.g 1.6-r to 1,7-r) which does. The step of formatting data partition should only be necessary for an upgrade. If it is needed after an update then there is a bug which should be reported

Sorry and yes it happens after an update