Hewlett Packard Elite X3 (HP Elite X3)


I would like to make a request for a ROM for the H P Elite X3

/e/ is exactly the mobile operating system many people have been looking for privacy/secure data etc.

If a /e/ ROM was created for the H P Elite X3, I am sure many people and businesses that use this phone would migrate to /e/, support and contribute, for the security alone. Apart from the fact that windows mobile is dead.

I live in hope.

Phone Information

H P Elite X3

Hewlett Packard

Windows Mobile - Windows Mobile is no longer maintained/updated (Dec 2019)

O/S build 10.0.15254.603

Bootloader 520291


Disable secureboot


Yes, YES, Please consider supporting the HP Elite x3 phone with a worthy ROM. This is a beautiful device, great resources and features. I will gladly support the effort.

Thanks Gustave, for your reference to SecureBoot flaw. Looks like a rather delicate (and technical) process to remediate. No quite a newbie, but a little nervous about executing the process. Can it be juussst a bit more simplified ?

I too live in hope


From a quick search of the XDA forums, there don’t seem to be any custom Android ROMs available for this device, so the chances of an /e/ ROM are not good. So you can hope, but don’t hold your breath!

Thanks pete…Been scouring XDA for a while; nothing there (except a link to Gustave’s SecureBoot Flaw doc) . Hard to believe the X3 could be destined for the scrap heap, but not the first time good technology died-on-the-vine… :confounded: