Hi i am new and have a question

greeting to all.
i am Thomas from Germany.
i speak german and english.

i have a question: i dont find how to send private message in here.

and when i try to search, it tells search Strings too short. i dont now

Servus @Tom-GF955F, click on the “Profile Picture” of the user to whom you want to send a PN, there on Button “Message”. “Profile Picture” is e.g. your “T” in the colored circle.


Try it also in the clearly less frquentierte /e/ in German.

hi archie, thx for your help… hmmm, when i click it looks like that … no message to choose

@Tom-GF955F, I wrote you a PN.


You can find PN directed to you (see screenshot - red circle)

Which browser do you surf with?

You have to read a bit more/longer in this forum to get a higher trust level by discourse forum software. Then you’ll be able to send PMs.

I think in forum it’s better to use normal post. You can adress them direct using the @Name like → @Tom-GF955F

If you want send top secret messages better use telegram :wink:

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i am lost, i tried, i dont know how to delete the screenshots

Which screenshots ? ???

harvey, are you admin?
can you delete this entire topic?
i dont come clear here with glasses at handy.
i beg your pardon
i even dont find how to Logout correct

No problem and no i’m not a admin.
You must nit delete tgd posts. If you want change something in your post, you can push thd little pencil on bottom of the post.

If you have any issues with e, contact me here or in telegram. German is also welcome.

Hi @Tom-GF955F, search strings have a minimum length of 3 characters by default.

I can not find logout
where do you go to log out ?


Not really the subject, but answer is near from what Archie said above:

  • tap your avatar/letter up right,
  • tap your pseudo, up left in the menu,
  • back page there’s ‘Disconnect’ to tap.

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