Hide some contacts from messengers

Is there a way to hide a group of contacts from (all) messengers? I want to use a second sim-card for work only, and I want to prevent any messengers syncing the numbers with their servers.
The most easiest thing that came into my mind would be something like a second contacts app. Does anyone know something like this? I found “shelter” but that’s for isolating apps… I want to isolate specific contacts from almost all or all apps. For Android something like “work profiles” seem to exist, but I’ve never tested that.

I don’t believe that will solve your problem: most contacts apps read from the same system contacts storage (com.android.providers.contacts). Sorry I don’t have any good suggestions, except to give the ‘work profile’ a try

Thanks for your answer. I found an app that creates it’s own database of contacts, which won’t be read by other apps. That’s the best solution for me: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/opencontacts.open.com.opencontacts/ It can also manage using two sim-cards and setting one of them for default for calls (for sms you have to switch the sim-card in the messages-app).

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