Hide system apps

Hello! Since /e/ 0.5, it seems we can’t hide system apps anymore in the launcher. Is it normal and a wanted feature or not?
I don’t use Telegram, neither the Notes app. It would be nice to get them out of the main screens. Thanks


Hi @willysama not sure if this resolves your issue you can place the icons on multiple screens like the screen shot. I prefer a clean screen which is not possible so keep only one app icon and on the second screen the rest. On the second screen i have a icon group (‘untitled’ in this screenshot) in which I dump all the apps i do not use.

You can go ty Settings > Apps > tap on an app > disable and force stop. The icon is gone.

My suggestion would be not to disable or forcefully delete system apps. This can cause instability in the system. For now, tuck it away in a corner.
We are updating the /e/ ROM to enable users delete system apps. No ETA’s for now. This feature is currently under development and will help you clean out unwanted apps.

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Thanks @pjmbraet but I tried that already. It was possible before but not now.
@Manoj, thanks for the suggestion but this solution don’t satisfy me. Anyway I’m glad to hear this is something under development, so I’ll simply wait :slight_smile:

Also very interested in this feature. Wish I could hide some apps cloned in the Shelter’s profile.

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