Home Assistant app and own SSL Certification Authority

I created my own SSL CA and installed the root certificate under the Trust Certificates (User section). I’m using it to connect to my Home Assistant (HA) server.

If I try to connect via Brave browser on /e/ the root certificate of my CA is recognized, trusted and everything is working correctly, but if a try to connect via the /e/ browser or the HA app, both are not able to ‘see’ and recognize the installed certificate, they say the server certificate it is not trusted.

The same HA app installed on another Android is able to recognize and trust the certificate. I suspect there is a bug in the webview component.
I downloaded the HA app source and tracked the SSL error : SSL_UNTRUSTED
Any suggestion ?
Solved this, my next step is to secure the SSL connection to the server with a client certificate.

/e/ version 0.22-20220228166119
com.android.webview version 96.0.4664.54

The webview version of the working device is : 99.0.4844.73

Many thanks!

I think I solved by myself. I write here the solution for the others.
I went to the app store and installed the latest Webview component available and now everything is working as expected. Perhaps an upgrade failed previously.