Home Assistant app cannot connect to HASS server anymore

So everything was working fine on eOS v0.15 Q with Home Assistant version 2021.3.1.
Then came the 0.16 release accompanied with an Home Assistant update to 2021.4.1 and suddenly I cannot connect to my system anymore via the app… Doesn’t matter if I’m on wi-fi or 4G.
Mind you, the app telemetry is still send to my HASS server and processed correctly. I just can’t login via the app (which is slightly incorrect as I can logon when I delete app cache and app data and reconfigure the app again. Only then I can logon, but after about 30s I’m kicked out again…)

If I use Firefox on my FP3 to go the internal or external URL everything works fine… :man_shrugging:
I’ve been searching the www for any hints and I find a lot of them. They all seem to point to SSL issues within the app. Anyone experiencing the same issue ?

I’m just wondering what the big difference is between 0.15-q and 0.16-q ?

I’m new to /e/ with fresh installation of 0.16 on Samsung S9, so I don’t know if everything worked with e.g. 0.15.

I noticed this same issue. I can’t connect to Home Assistant (2021.4.6) with the app nor with default browser or Kiwi browser. However, connection with Firefox (88.1.3) works fine.

Hi @nis, welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t know your HA setup, but I think it has something to do with my setup, running in docker behind Traefik on Pi 4 with ubuntu server 20.04 LTS. Especially the Traefik part might be the issue here

AFAIK theire might be a couple of reasons why we’re running into this issue, did not manage to pinpoint thé reason (yet)…

  • websockets are not open in Traefik (but they don’t need to be assigned in the docker-compose file ?)
  • issue with TLS certificates (1.2 vs 1.3 ?)
  • using chromium based mobile browsers seems to be problematic too

So it’s still a mystery to me :man_shrugging:

My setup is running HA OS in VirtualBox VM (running in Linux server). Before jumping in to e-world I was using Sailfish, where the Android (9, probably) version of app worked fine. I also have some iOS apps connected to HA and they’re working OK.

I think there was a new version of HA yesterday, so I will try it out later and check also the versions of the apps used with Sailfish & iOS.

So I have the same issue , I’ve tried using the app from aurora store and it’s still the same so it’s definitely some setting on the phone , I run mine on in docker behind an nginx reverse proxy and everything worked on stock OnePlus 5t ROM .
Also oddly I checked home assistant and it appears the app is not sensing my location as it’s still showing me at home when away . This suggests to me a setting on the phone is not allowing the app to talk to my server.

I can log in no problems using Firefox and the default browser whilst away .

Where can I submit an issue , is it here

You can submit issues here …In case of any issues follow this guide

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Thank you I have opened an issue , I will attach logs when I am near my computer .

yeah I noticed that too, but all other sensors are working fine though (e.g. IP address changes to an external IP when leaving the house, screen activity, sounds, …)

@screenager , Hopefully the team can work out what’s causing the issue and get it resolved for us ( it’s one of my most used apps) , if you have logs available attach them to your post on the gitlab issue , I’ll be able to provide some tomorrow when I’m near my laptop .

Good to know it’s not just myself having the issue with the app .

I just upgraded to 0.17-q and now HomeAssistant works :slight_smile:

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I can confirm your right upgrading to 0.17-q does indeed allow it to remain connected to the server , however is it updating your location to the server , I’m seem to be having issues with it sending my location still.

yeah updating fixes the logon issue, but so far it seems the location is not updating. However, this might be a GPS thing too as I can’t leave the house very far right now :slight_smile: