Home button not working

home button is not responding suddenly when im using gesture based navigation. Its working fine in button based navigation. If i change settings from gesture to button and then to gesture the issue disappears for sometime. Then home button wont work and i have to repeat

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Hi @sid96 welcome to the /e/ forum.

I have been using Oneplus One for only a few days. I found regular navigation bar slightly non intuitive to start, but also on stock ROM! I now find it works fine, but I find it strange to have Navigation buttons repeated as touch sensitive unmarked points 6 mm below the on screen buttons!

I have not used gestures previously. Tried now --have had to switch gestures off – too difficult for me to use!

Thanks for the reply @aibd.
Its working fine now and I believe the issue arises where I open way too many apps in background.
navigation bar is kinda useless when you have physically marked buttons below the scree