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Great, thanks @avtkal!

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Thanks to KISS Launcher, you can configure the /e/ icons with our icon pack (long press on it).


Where can i find icon packs?

@Shiro You could find some on F-Droid.

Device : Galaxy S9+
Android version : 10
/e/OS version : 0.13
Launcher : Pear Launcher (no Dock)
Icon pack : Viral


Where can i find this wallpaper?

Well, looky here.
Not /e/OS but FireHound Oreo on my Moto G5s Plus sanders. One of my favorite icon packs is Tigad. When it comes to icon requests the dev is one of the best and quickest. Almost every FOSS app I’ve requested has been honored. Really nice.!

Anyway, I’ve had the /e/ Browser on a couple of ROMs but hated that it was always unskinned or that I had to use a generic Chromium icon. I added the browser to my icon request, expecting a 3D version of the browser’s icon. Instead the dev used the /e/ logo instead which is quite nice.

For /e/OS proper I plan to get the /e/ apps covered by FOSS icon packs such as Frost, Ameixa, and Arcticons.

There is a copy of that wallpaper and others by @Chimpthepimp in this old thread.

There is also a wallpaper upload location in the Gallery section on the forum but it seems to be empty at the moment! I’ve added a post there as well.

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Wallpaper came from one of the comments here… https://www.reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom/comments/no5sx3/the_uk_as_seen_from_the_international_space/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Device: Mi8 (dipper)
ROM: /e/os 0.18
Launcher: Last Launcher (F-Droid)

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Device : s7 edge
ROM : /e/OS 0.18
Launcher : default

Wallpaper (personal macro-photography Yoda, Chewee & R2D2, in Millenium Falcon ) :


Omega Launcher on Essential PH-1 mata


kind of a troll :slight_smile:

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Hi chrisrg, just wanted to say thank you for your reply, got the WP :+1:

Lanceur discret (discreet launcher)
Xperia XZ1 compact

Scrolling down, there is your favorite apps

Scrolling up, there are all your apps


Guys use wallpaper engine, best thing ever!

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Im using the “HOLO-Launcher” from the App-Store
the “GIF-LIVE-Wallpaper” from the F-Droid Store !
Also the “Screen Off and Lock” -app from the App-Store , using “Analog-TV-Style” :smile: looks nice
Does not really stress the Battery :relaxed:

Device: Teracube 2e.
Launcher: Kvæsitso.
Icons: Distraction Free.


I found it in the forum, in this post